St John’s College L.27 (James 378)

Jeremiah Markland, Notes on the Epistles of St Paul. English, c. 1760

Jeremiah Markland, Fellow of Peterhouse (1693-1776): ‘Querys concerning some passages in the Epistles of St Paul, etc.’, c. 1760. Begins: ‘I have put down these things as they occurred to me in Reading, with a desire and design of blotting them all out (as I have done some of them) upon better information. In these Epistles there are several words and passages which I am perswaded were not written by St Paul … my Desire, and charge is, that none of these be ever made public, unless some person of piety and great skill in these matters, be of opinion that any thing here said will be useful to Mankind in explaining what hitherto has not been understood, or not rightly understood.' Arranged by Book and chapter. Between fos 64 and 65 is pasted part of a letter from Markland to William Heberden (1710-1801, Fellow of St John’s College), no date, but c. 1770 or later as it is addressed to Heberden at his house in Pall Mall. Further relevant notes are pasted at fo. 36v, while another extract from a letter is pasted at fo. 47v. Markland’s notes were eventually edited, summarised and printed posthumously in Bowyer’s Critical Conjectures and Observations on the New Testament (3rd edn, London, 1782), this work carrying some ‘preliminary observations’ by Markland himself. See also L.24-26.

Manuscript extra information

200x165 mm. ii+89 fos (fo. 17 blank). College bookplate (1792) inside front cover. Markland bequeathed his books and papers to Heberden.

Autograph throughout, with some corrections, and several additions. The recto is used throughout, with additions on the facing verso. Paper. Marbled cardboard covers.