St John's College L.18 (James 372)

Sir George Carew (d. 1612), 'Concerning the state and government of France'. English, seventeenth century

'The observations of Sir George Carew knight, Lo: Ambass: for his Majestie of England, to the Most Christian King / Concerning the State and governement of France under Henry the fourth, anno 1609'. Beg.: 'To the Kings most Excell. Majestie. When beyond any desert or expectation of mine it hath pleased your Majestie to honour me ...'; ends: '... not onelie of the most potent families within the realme, but of Spaine also, specially allowing them the coasts of the Mediterranean sea for their share'. Carew's work describes a strong, wealthy, dangerous nation, and advocates policies designed to splinter France into many states 'as Germany is' (p. 46). One of the many manuscript copies that circulated prior to publication in Thomas Birch, An Historical view of the negotiations between the courts of England, France and Brussels (London, 1749).

Manuscript extra information

300x195 mm. iv+47+iii pp. At foot of blank leaf inside back cover: 'at the 3 Horseshooes over against Bloomsbury Market, a Brewhouse'.

Single secretary hand (mid or late seventeenth century), a clean copy. Paper, first folio nearly detached. Original stamped vellum binding.