St John's College L.16 (James 371)

William Sancroft, Forms of consecration. English, 17th cent.

William Sancroft, archbishop of Canterbury (1617-93): twenty forms and orders for the consecration of churches, churchyards, chapels and alter plate. A list is prefixed. All dated forms are seventeenth century, the latest being 1678. At pp. 133-4 is an order for the reconciliation of a profaned church in Hereford, 1637, and at pp. 137-8 a form for the interdict of the parish church of South Malling until reconciled. There is the draft of a prayer of intercession on a loose piece of paper, cut from a letter flyleaf. See J. Wickham Legg, English orders for consecrating churches in the seventeenth century (London: Bradshaw Soc., 1911), p. x.

Manuscript extra information

155x110 mm. [x]+138 pp. (blank from iii-viii, 112-32). Inscribed by Thomas Baker at p. ii: 'This Book is an original, in Archbishop Sancroft's own hand'. College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover.

Autograph throughout. Paper. Contemporary leather binding with marbled end-papers.