St John’s College K.60 (James 578)

A collection of extracts regarding King Ferdinand. English, Italian and French. 19th century.

The extracts concern King Ferdinand’s rule in Naples  [ie Ferdinand I (1751-1825) King of the Two Sicilies from 1816 (previously Ferdinand IV of Naples and Ferdinand III of Sicily], the French occupation of the city, and Lord Nelson’s rescue of the royal family. There are several references to Lady Hamilton, and two copies of letters from Lord Nelson. The extracts are copied from a variety of published sources, including monographs and magazines. References, often in abbreviated form, are given to the original sources. 


292 x 211 mm. Two folio volumes in plain blue paper covers, with decorated paper reinforcement along the spine. They are marked on the front cover 1 and 2, with ‘NAPLES’ also written on the front of volume one. Lined paper with manuscript extracts on a variety of sizes and types of paper pasted (or occasionally written directly into the volume) on recto only. Volume one contains folios 1-80; volume two folios 81-160. Folios 104 onwards are unused. The manuscript is mostly written in black ink, with some red annotation. A manuscript index on two sheets is pasted inside the front cover of volume one; a single loose index sheet, with multiple crossings through, is loose inside volume two.


Purchased from Dobell, Bruton St. branch, in 1927 and presented to the Library by C.W. Previté-Orton, Fellow, in 1927. College bookplate and donation label.