St John’s College K.57 (James 537)

Rottenburg family. German. 1758

Illustrated manuscript volume concerning the genealogy of the von Rottenburg and Berghan families.


Contents of volume:

Fol.1 decorated title page ‘Stamm- und Famillien-Buch die uhr alt Adelich Stifft-mässige Blick von Rottenburg und Berghanisch Freijherrliche Famille betreffend.  A[nn]o 1758.’

Fol. 2v-3r coloured and decorated genealogical table in the form of a tree.

Fol. 4v-5r genealogical table

Fol.7-11 ‘Catalogus’ i.e. index

Fol.12 blank

Fol.13v-21 various notes, plain and decorated genealogical charts

Fol.22 title page ‘LEGALISIrte DOCUMENTA’

Fol. 23-58 copies of legal documents (55 blank save for running title at head of page)

Fol. 59 blank save for running title at head of each page

Fol. 60 the English family of Blick von Rottenburg

Fol. 61 bears a number of wax seals (some now missing)

Fol. 62-67 blank save for running title at head of each page

Fol. 68 decorated title page ‘Tabellen und Wappen die Rottenburg und Berghanische ihnen unde seithen verwanndte betreffend’.

Fol. 69-89 text includes coloured coats of arms, a few uncoloured or incomplete.

Fol. 90-120 blank save for a running title at head of each page.

Fol. 121 decorated title page ‘Die Berghamische Famille in Specie betreffend’.

Fol. 131v-132r has a coloured genealogical table, with coloured coat of arms and illustration of a recumbent knight in armour at the foot of the tree.


361 x 237 mm, folio volume, paper. 134 numbered folios, plus loose insertions which appear to be rough drafts of some of the genealogical tables and coats of arms within the volume. Many pages include a printed plate with motto ‘Coronat iustitiae amor’ and illustration in which a single central eye oversees clouds, from which a hand suspends the scales of justice, one side of which is labelled ‘quod instrum.’ and the other ‘quod aequum’. The text C.F.A. Stoixner I.V.L.N.P.I. is printed at the foot of the plate. An embossed paper seal is attached next to the plate. Blind-tooled leather binding, clasps missing. A pocket inside the back board of the volume contains further loose documents on paper and vellum concerning the Baron de Rottenburg C.B., sometime adjutant general of militia for Canada. College bookplate. Donation label.


Given to the Library in 1919 by William John Hawkes (1882-1943), BA 1903. Accompanying letters regarding the donation are in an envelope pasted into the volume. The volume and associated papers came to him through his sister-in-law, who was the widow of the last Baron de Rottenburg.  See also Glover papers A/A1/10/2/23 and A/A1/10/3/34 for letters from Hawkes discussing the Rottenburg family.