St John's College K.39 (James 348)

George Ashby's collections relating to St John's College. Latin and English, various dates


George Ashby (Fellow and President of St John's College, Cambridge, 1724-1808): collections relating to St John's College. Other collections by Ashby are at L.32. In the later part of the volume the collection is very miscellaneous, but the following is a summary of the contents:

  1. The College Stautes of 1580, copied in several late sixteenth or early seventeenth century hands. (p. 1). List of chapter headings at pp. 125-6. The signature John Ha[yward?] is on p. 1. A note on the surviving fragment of a flyleaf reads: 'The Gift of Mr Lexton to G A[shb]y / Now [vicar] of Leatherhead Surry / afterwards kill'd by a fall from his horse'. Clearly this is a reference to Robert Laxton, Fellow of St John's College (d. 1767).
  2. 2. Ashby's miscellaneous notes on the College, compiled between 1755 and 1800. They include details of benefactions and benefactors throughout; a list of College livings with current incumbents, updated down to c. 1799 (p. 134); 'A Catalogue of the Masters of St John's College' (p. 141); notes on monumental inscriptions in the College Chapel (p. 145); the election of a Master in 1789 (p. 155); 'By foundations of Fellowship' (p. 157); curiosities and rarities in the College Library (p. 173); 'A List of the Foundation Fellows of St John's Col: Cambridge', 1750-1, subsequently updated (p. 176); notes on admissions to degrees, headed 'Dr [John] Colbatch [d. 1748] Senior Fellow of Trinity College' (p. 179); details of prominent former members of College, merging into an abbreviated and disjointed chronicle of St John's and the University, with College populations (p. 209); notes on early College statutes (p. 257); list of the Foundation Fellows in 1758, with Ashby's notes charting his subsequent rise up the list (p. 271); a note of junior members present ?at Divine Service during a week in June ?1763 (p. 274*); list of Plat Fellows, 1757 (p. 275); list of Foundation Fellows, 1768-70 (p. 277); note on the death of Thomas Baker (p. 279); notes on Baker's History and further notes on College livings.
Manuscript extra information

215x165 mm. as bound. xiv+ii+286+xl pp. (contemporary pagination 1-286 runs 1-97, 1 unnumbered, 93, 9 unnumbered, 97-286 (with 274*)). College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover. Presumably bequeathed to the College; not in Cowie.

Various hands, including that of Ashby. Paper, the margins to 1. for the most part ruled in red. Repaired and rebound in the nineteenth century, preserving the original covers.