St John's College K.36 (James 345)

James Wood, Papers on subjects in divinity, church government and education. English, early nineteenth century


James Wood, Fellow and Master of St John's College, Cambridge (1760-1839): 'Miscellaneous papers and observations on subjects in Divinity', no date, but apparently early nineteenth century. Includes inter alia notes on: the dating of and early references to the Gospels and other books of the New Testament (fos 1-8); 'The Nature, end and Author of all Miracles, The Proofs of their actual existence, The abuse or importance of false or lying wonders' (fos 19r-41v); 'Human Society' (fo. 48); 'Benefits conferred by the Gospel' (fo. 49r); 'Object of Butlers analogy' in the form of a letter dated 31 Mar. 1806 (fo. 50r); 'Thomas Goadby DD: On the necessity and contingency of events' (fo. 51r); 'Differences between the English and Irish Clergy, Gisborne's Duties of Men 4to p. 370, 1794' (fo. 53r).

Manuscript extra information

295x230 mm. as bound. ii+64+ii fos. College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover. Presumably bequeathed to the College; not in Cowie.

Autograph. Various sizes of paper, in part watermarked 1797 and 1805, some folded. One sheet (fo. 15) consists of notes on the back of a printed notice advertising the Professor of Modern History's lectures in Michaelmas Term 1820. 'Loose papers bound up together 1879' according to a note inside front cover, the binding half leather on card, perhaps by Wilson & Co; title on spine stamped in gold: 'Dr Wood's Papers / Divinity / MSS'.