St John's College K.35 (James 344)

Artificial collection of papers. English and Latin, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries


Artificial collection of misc. papers, both printed and MS, relating to the Short Parliament, the Glorious Revolution, and other religious and political affairs, 1566-1689. In Cowie's catalogue the items were listed under SJC, MSS H.14, S.26 and S.29, and they are still described under these numbers in James, though the current binding arrangements are there noted. There is a list of contents on the first flyleaf. The volume consists of:

  1. Draft petition exhibited to Elizabeth I by her bishops for confirming the Thirty-Nine Articles, 14 Dec. 1566, the date and annotations apparently in the hand of Matthew Parker (1504-75), Archbishop of Canterbury. Endorsed 'For the confirminge the booke of Articles' and '269'. This draft is printed in Thomas Bennet, An Essay on the Thirty Nine Articles of religion (London, 1715), pp. 258-61 (fos 1-3)
  2. 'A Copy of a Letter written by Card. Wolsey's own hand to K. Hen. 8th which I transcrib'd from a copy taken of it by Archbishop Abbot, for he has endorsed it with his own hand thus: The original sent back to the Office of the Kings Papers, Ita est G. Cant. April 17 1616'. Wolsey's letter is dated 'at my howse besides Westminster the fifth day of February' [no year, 1525?]. Printed in J. Hymers (ed.), The funeral sermon of Margaret, Countess of Richmond ... preached by Bishop Fisher in 1509 (Cambridge, 1840), pp. 262-6. 2-4 are late seventeenth century copies (fos 4r-5v)
  3. 'The Copy of a Dispensation by Card. Pool [Reginald Pole] for Gossips to marry', 1556 (fos 5v-6r) 4
  4. 'A Transcript of a Paper thus endors'd by A. B. [Archbishop William] Laud's own hand Jun 12 1637 A Transcript out of my Registry concerning the 20the article of those that were made 1562', and other misc. papers in the same hand (fos 6v-8r)
  5. Warrant signed by Richard [Bancroft, Bishop of] London and others and addressed to Thomas Frauncis and Nicholas Cole, 'sworne messingers of Her Majesties chamber', for the arrest of Francis Scisson of Whitwell, Derbyshire; London, 22 Jan. 1600. Traces of a seal. Endorsed by Thomas Baker 'An originall' (fos 9 and 10)
  6. 'The Duke [of Buckingham]s speech to his Majestie at the Councell table on Fryday' [March 1624]. On the verso a single entry from a rental, 1628 (fos 11 and 12)
  7. The speech made by John Glanville (1586-1661) on being presented as Speaker of the House of Commons, 15 Apr. 1640, with the reply by the Lord Keeper on behalf of the King (fos 13-18)
  8. 'Sir Francis Seymours speech [in the House of Commons, ?23] Aprill 1640', in the same hand as 7 (fos 19 and 20)
  9. 'Articles of the Treason against my Lord Mandevill Mr John Pim Mr Densell Hollis Sir Arthur Hasellrige Mr Hamden and Mr Strowde charged before the Lords by His Majesties Attorney Generall on Munday the 3rd of January 1641' [1642], preliminary to Charles I's disastrous attempt to arrest the Five Members (fo. 21)
  10. Extract of the States General their Resolution, Thursday, 28th October. 1688. Printed (fo. 22)
  11. The Declaration of the Nobility, Gentry, and Commonalty, at the Rendezvous at Nottingham, Nov. 22. 1688. Printed (fo. 23)
  12. Letters of Prince George and Lord Churchill to the King, [1688]. Printed bifolium (fos 24 and 25)
  13. The Princess Anne of Denmarks Letter to the Queen [1688]. Printed (fo. 26)
  14. Reasons and Protestations entred in the House of Lords, 23 March 1688, 5 April 1689, 20 April 1689, 25 May 1689. 8pp, printed (fos 27-30)
Manuscript extra information

Various sizes, but 345x250 mm as bound. [vii]+30+[vii] fos (nineteenth-century foliation). 1-4 were presented to the College by George Harbin (d. 1744), Chaplain to Lord Weymouth, and originally classified as part of H.14; 5 and 10-14 were originally classified as part of S.26; 6-9 were originally classified as part of S.29. College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover.

Several hands; 2-4 in the same hand. Paper, several sheets mounted on paper following late nineteenth-century conservation principles: 9 is torn at the foot of the sheet, but all seven articles are present; 10 is incomplete at top right. Functional binding (1880 according to note inside front cover): half leather on card.