St John's College K.27 (James 339)

Correspondence between Walter Moyle and John Reynolds. English, c. 1734


Near-contemporary copies of an antiquarian correspondence between Walter Moyle (1672-1721) and John Reynolds, Master of Exeter School and later Canon of Exeter (d. 1758). The copies may be the work of William Barlow, Fellow of St John's College (d. 1753). Moyle's Works were edited by Thomas Sergeant and first published in 1726-7. However, these letters apparently remain unprinted.

The copied letters are as follows:

  1. Moyle to an unidentified third party, 'desiring him to consult Mr Reynolds whether Egypt was plac'd in Asia or Africa'; Bake, 30 Jan. 1706 (p. 1)
  2. Reynolds to Moyle, 'shewing that Strabo doth not reckon Egypt in Africa'; no date (p. 1)
  3. Moyle to Reynolds, taking exception to his 'supposition that the Consuls to whose year Justin fixes the Parthian Epocha belong to the 498th year of Rome'; Oct. 1713 (p. 4)
  4. Moyle to [William] Musgrave, on the same subject; 24 Dec. 1713 (p. 10)
  5. 'Mr Reynolds's defence of his reflections on Justin's Mille Urbium Bactrianarum Praefectus'; no date [1719] (p. 11)
  6. A paper by Reynolds on the Bactrian kings and the Parthian Epocha; no date [1719] (p. 17)
  7. Reynolds to Moyle, 'sent with the two foregoing papers, and the following list of coins' ; Exeter, 13 Feb. 1719 (p. 27)
  8. 'Mr Reynolds's list of the coins found at Exeter AD 171 ... '; no date [1719] (p. 29)
  9. 'Mr Moyle's discourse upon Mela's Fatum Iacentis'; no date (p. 41)
  10. Moyle to Reynolds; Bake, 9 May 1719 (p. 47)
  11. 'Mr Moyle's paper to Mr Reynolds on the Epocha of the Jewish Autonomia'; no date (p. 48)
  12. 'Mr Moyle's paper to Mr Reynolds on the thousand Bactrian cities, mention'd by Trogus'; no date (p. 50)
  13. Reynolds to Moyle; 30 May 1719 (p. 53)
  14. 'A paper of Mr Reynolds to Mr Moyle on the chronology of the Syrian kings by Sulpicius'; Exeter, 4 June 1719 (p. 56)
  15. Moyle to Reynolds; 23 June 1719 (p. 61)
  16. 'Mr Moyle's paper on the date of the Battle of Ancyra'; no date (p. 61)
  17. Reynolds to Moyle, 'concerning Vaillant's medals'; Exeter, 13 July 1719 (p. 65)
  18. Reynolds to Moyle, on the Bactrian cities, Justin 41.1; Exeter, 16 July 1719 (p. 67)
  19. Moyle to Reynolds, replying to his letter concerning Vaillant's medals; 17 July 1719 (p. 72)
  20. Reynolds to Moyle, concerning the medals; Exeter, 15 Aug. 1719 (p. 73)
  21. Moyle to Reynolds; Bake, 18/20 Aug. 1719 (p. 74)
  22. 'A paper of Mr Moyle on Sulpicius's chronology of the Syrian kings'; no date (p. 75)
  23. Moyle to Reynolds, replying to the historical part of his letter of 16 July; 3 Sep. 1719 (p. 78)
  24. Reynolds to Moyle; Exeter, 7 Sep. 1719 (p. 81)
  25. 'Mr Reynolds's paper to Mr Moyle upon the passage of Apollodorus in Strabo Lib. XV'; no date (p. 82)
  26. Moyle to Reynolds, replying to his letter of 7 Sep.; 18 Sep. 1719 (p. 87)
  27. Moyle to Reynolds, 'in which he desires Mr Atwell's opinion concerning Plutarch's Scapheia'; 22 Oct. 1719 (p. 87)
  28. Joseph Atwell to Moyle, in reply to 27; Morton Hamstead, 27 Nov. 1719 (p. 88)
  29. Atwell to Moyle on the same subject; Exeter College, Oxford, 23 Apr. 1720 (p. 90)
  30. 'A letter of Mr Moyle, beginning with the Grammatical part of Mr Reynolds's discourse on the passage in Justin'; no date (p. 93)
  31. 'A discourse of Mr Reynolds sent to Mr Moyle, of the age of Apollodorus the Parthian historian, the obscure succession of the Parthian kings, during the interval betwixt the end of Apollodorus's History, and the Roman acquaintance with the Parthians', and other matters; Exeter, 26 Oct. 1719 (p. 96)
  32. Moyle to Reynolds; 8 Nov. 1719 (p. 99)
  33. 'Mr Reynolds's paper to Mr Moyle, upon the thousand Bactrian cities'; Exeter, 16 Nov. 1719 (p. 100)
  34. Moyle to Reynolds; no date (p. 103). Enclosing 35.
  35. 'Mr Moyle's paper, in answer to Mr Reynolds's of Novemb: 16 upon the 1000 Bactrian cities'; no date (p. 104)
  36. 'Mr Reynolds's paper upon the chronology of the first Syrian kings and the Ara Seleucidarum in a letter to Mr Moyle'; Exeter, 1 Feb. 1720 (p. 109)
  37. 'Mr Reynolds's paper upon the Antiochian coins that have the figure of the sun in conjunction with Aries'; no date (p. 113)
  38. 'Mr Reynolds's paper to Mr Moyle upon the chronology of the first Syrian kings, with a letter'; Exeter, 6 Feb. 1720 (p. 115)
  39. Moyle to Reynolds; 8 Feb. 1720 (p. 116)
  40. Moyle to Reynolds, concerning 'the Chaldaean Ara and the chronology of the Syrian kings'; 12 Mar. 1720 (p. 116)
  41. Reynolds to Moyle (extracts); Exeter, 22 Mar. 1720 (p. 120)
  42. Moyle to Reynolds, 'on the date of the Battle of Ancyra and the beginning of Seleucus Callinicus'; 15 Apr. 1720 (p. 120)
  43. Moyle to Reynolds, on the word emergo 'with which he concludes the whole controversy'; 1 May 1720 (p. 125)
  44. Reynolds to Moyle, a letter of thanks (extracts); Exeter, 7 May 1720 (p. 126)
  45. Moyle to Reynolds; 10 May 1720 (p. 127)
Manuscript extra information

265x200 mm. x+128+xxx pp. Inside front cover: 'St John's College Library - Given by the revd Mr Barlow formerly fellow of the College'. On the flyleaf the signature W. Barlow and the date 1734.

A single hand, gradually growing smaller. Paper. Bound in contemporary boards, with a later leather spine. Repaired by David Yates of J. P. Gray & Son, Apr. 1973 (inscription inside back cover).