St John's College I.4 (James 305)

Literary and theological commonplace. English, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries


An artificial collection, consisting of the following:

  1. 'Sir Walter Rawlighe his apologie', with a letter from A. Throckmorton to [ ], 31 Oct. 1618, endorsed by Baker: 'This seems to be a good copy, bearing date, the month and year of Sir Walter Raleigh's death'. Early seventeenth century copy, i+10 fos.
  2. 'Of Mans severall dignities and there severall corruptions' (Wagstaff 3501), 17th cent. Beg.: 'It is an opinion noe lesse weake'; ends: 'soe in one soe large and copious, the greatest difficulty is to say little.' 16 fos, the first endorsed '11'.
  3. John Buckeridge (1562?-1631), Bishop of Rochester and Ely, 'The Lord bishop of Rochester his defence of the power of kings against Papa-puritanicall expositions of texts of Scriptures' (Wagstaff 3508). Part autograph, authenticated by Wagstaff and Baker. 24+30 fos, the first endorsed '12'. The first section corrected throughout and endorsed 'Junijo 27o 1623 / Imprimatur Tho: Worall'. The second section consisting of rough notes in Buckridge's hand.
  4. 'The Questions that in poynt of Conscience may arise concerning the Solemne League and Covenant'. 7 fos, the first endorsed '68'.
  5. Single page, beg.: 'The first Lyturgie of the 2 and 3 of King Edward the sixt being perused, explained, and altered by some Godly Bishops Deanes etc'; ends: 'the advice and consent of the Metrapolitan, and other his Majesties Commissioners for causes Ecclesiasticall', late 17th cent.
  6. 'A Boke resiting the effect of Judges ecclesiasticall and other matters' (Wagstaff 3506). James maintains 'in a hand of 1540'. i+26+i fos, the first fol. endorsed '17'.
  7. 'Some Generall briefe reasons why the Bishops in England ought or may sitt and give theire votes in the Lords House in Parliament'. Late 17th cent. 19 pp. (52-68 in some earlier work)
  8. 'A theologicall Treatisse examininge and discussinge whether it be a matter of necessitie and demaunded by God that the lay people should receyve the Communion in both kinds ... composed by M. B. (sic) p. and professor of Divinitie'. ii+27+viii fos. In the form of a letter, signed by 'Math. Rawl[inson] deo gratias'. Damaged at end (not text). The flyleaf endorsed '103 / By it Selfe'. Beg.: 'When all the christian world was at one'; ends: 'and soe will rest, yours ever'.
Manuscript extra information

330x225 mm. unfol.; inscribed by Thomas Baker inside front cover: 'Liber olim ornatissimi viri Thomae Wagstaff' and 'Tho: Baker dedit Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus'; small College bookplate (eighteenth century) on first fol. of 1.

Paper. Originally bound in the seventeenth century, re-backed and repaired by S. P. Gray in 1972 (note inside back cover).