St John's College I.36 (James 329)

Tractatus de habitibus vitiosis. Latin, seventeenth century


'Tractatus de habitibus vitiosis', in sixty meditations. No date, but apparently of the early seventeenth century. An 'index' (properly a table of contents) has been prepared at the end, but since the work has never been foliated no pagination has here been attempted.

Manuscript extra information

145x120 mm. Unfoliated, and interleaved with almost entirely blank sheets. On flyleaf: 'Tho: Baker Coll: Jo: Cant:', and on a later flyleaf in another hand 'Et mihi, non me rebus submittere conor', and 'Virtus est vitium fugere; et sapientia prima Stultitia caruisse'. This hand is responsible for the rare insertions on the interleaved folios. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) on same folio, facing the first page of text.

A single hand, that of an accomplished copyist, without corrections or other blemishes. Paper, the interleaving shows a different watermark. Bound in blind-tooled leather on card, perhaps the original binding. The early folios are slightly fragile through the effects of damp.