St John's College I.34 (James 328, Wagstaff 3475)

John Comenius, 'In Januam rerum', etc. Latin, c. 1643


Jan Amos Komensky alias John Comenius (1592-1670): an apparently complete version of the work published in incomplete form by G. H. Turnbull as Two pansophical works by John Amos Comenius (Prague, 1951).

  • 'In Januam rerum, sive Totius Pansophiae Seminarium', in eighty-seven chapters (fo. 1).
  • 'Templi Pansophici delineatio Orthographica', in eighty-six chapters (fo. 69r).
  • 'Pansophiae Christianae Liber, de Medys Homini ad Fines suos concessis utendi modo, sive De Pansophiae Methodo', in sixty-eight chapters (fo. 137r).
Manuscript extra information

185x150 mm. ii+199+ii fos. At fo. i, in Thomas Baker's hand: 'Liber olim Ornatiss: viri Thomae Wagstaff'. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) on fo. 1.

A single hand, without significant corrections or other blemishes. Paper, the interleaving shows a different watermark. Originally three separate works in paper covers, now in a near-contemporary leather binding, re-backed by John P. Gray & Son Ltd, Sep. 1972 (note inside back cover).