St John's College I.32 (James 326, Wagstaff 3489

John Cowell, 'Interpreter or Vocabularie'. English, c. 1613


John Cowell, Master of Trinity Hall (1554-1611): 'The Interpreter'. A copy of the notorious work, published in 1607, which through its absolutist opinions brought the author into disgrace and censure. Perhaps, given the interleaving, a first step by a civil lawyer to produce a revised version of the suppressed book, following the author's death. In the margin of fo. 1r is recorded: 'begun to be written in Trinitie terme 1613 and finished the next longe Vacation following at my brother Holts house'. An expurgated edition was not published until 1637.

Manuscript extra information

195x170 mm. iii+276+[30] fos, fully interleaved with blank sheets in contemporary binding. On p. ii, in Thomas Baker's hand, 'Liber olim ornatiss[imi] viri Tho: Wagstaff', and 'Tho: Baker dedit Coll: Jo: socius ejectus'. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) at foot of fo. 1r.

Single secretary hand. Paper. Original vellum binding, repaired by John P. Gray & Son, 1972.