St John's College I.3 (James 304, Wagstaff 3485)

Justification for the war between Frederick II of Denmark and Erik XIV of Sweden. Latin, 1564


'Brevis et vera explicatio causarum, quibus sereniss: et potentis: princeps et dominus Dom Fredericus eius nominis secundus Daniae-Norvagiae Vandalorum et Gottorumque, Rex Sleswici, Holsatiae, Stormariae et Dietmarsiae Dux Comes in Oldenborch et Delmenhorst. ad propulsandam Erici Sweciae Regis vim atque injuriam juste et necessario fuit adductus. Exhibita in Rostochiano conventu Sacrae Caesareae Romanorumque Regiae majestatis Saxoniae item et Brandenburgensis Electoris atque Henrici Brunswicens Ducis Legatis ad Serenis: Daniae regis ad eundem conventum commissariis', dated 26 July 1564.

Manuscript extra information

340x235 mm. [x]+845+[v] pp. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) at fo. 1r. Inscribed by Thomas Baker: 'Liber olim ornatissimi viri Thomae Wagstaff' (inside front cover), and 'Tho: Baker dedit Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus' (fo 1r). The MS was purchased by Wagstaff as lot 19 for 7s 6d at the sale of the books of Robert Bruce, 1st Earl of Ailesbury (d. 1685), 21 Nov. 1687. It may have belonged earlier to William Cecil, Lord Burghley. See Bibliotheca Illustris: sive Catalogus variorum librorum ... quorum auctio habebitur Londini ad insigne Ursi in Vico dicto Ave-Mary-Lane, prope Templum D. Pauli (London, 1687: Wing A801a), preface and p. 80. A copy of this sale catalogue owned by Thomas Baker and annotated with prices and the purchasers of all MS items is at SJC Dd.9.1013.

A single, neat hand throughout. Paper. Limp vellum covers.