St John's College I.27 (James 322)

History of the Life and Death of Mary Queen of Scots. English, seventeenth century

'The Historie of the Lamentable Life and Deplorable Deathe of Marie Queene of Scotts', c. 1630.

Manuscript extra information

195x170 mm. Unfoliated, [136 fos]. On fo. [i]r, in Thomas Baker's hand, 'Tho: Baker dedit Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus'. At fo. [ii]v: 'This seems to have been the first Draught of the printed Life, first publish't in Fol: London 1624 under the name of Wil: Stranguage, and afterwards in 8vo an: 1636 under the name of Udall, being the same Book, under different names'. College bookplate (eighteenth century) at fo. [ii]v.

The hands of at least four copyists. Pace Baker, this is not a first draft, but rather a careful copy of Udall's book (STC 24508.7/24509). Paper, damaged and fragile towards the end of the vol. Original limp vellum binding.