St John's College I.26 (James 321)

A Tract supporting the Bishop of Chalcedon's letter. English, 1629

'A Survey of the Answer to the Bishop of Chalcedon his letter to the Laie Catholicks of England, Sent unto him by the heads of three Regular Orders in England'. The date appears on the title page. A lengthy refutation of the arguments advanced by the Superior of the Jesuits and by the heads of the Benedictine and Dominican Orders challenging the authority of Richard Smith (1566-1655), Bishop of Chalcedon.

Manuscript extra information

203x155 mm. xvi+472 pp. On flyleaf the initials CT and in the hand of Thomas Baker: 'Liber olim ornatiss: viri Thomae Wagstaff', and 'Tho: Baker dedit Coll: Jo: Socius ejectus'. Small College bookplate (eighteenth century) on p. iv.

Single hand throughout. A clean copy, with few corrections; many passages are underlined. Paper. Limp vellum binding detached at spine.