St John's College I.14b (James 312)

Treatise against disloyalty. English, mid seventeenth century


'A tractate against disloyalty in generall and more specially in discovering the manifold perniciousnes of a treatise cried up and downe in open streets in the name of Mr Prin. His egregious falshoods, prevarications, paradoxes, contradictions, and dissimulations destructive to the essence of Parliament in every degree, repugnant both to the testimonies of Scriptures alleaged by himselfe and his owne principles: degenerating alsoe both from primitively Catholique doctrine, and the Protestant Profession of the Church of England'. Originally composed c. 1640. Beg.: 'We are not to call into question poynts questionles'; ends: 'without repentance, and immortall condemnation'.

Manuscript extra information

310x220 mm. iv+40+vi pp. On p. i, in Thomas Baker's hand, 'Liber olim ornatis[simi] viri Thomae Wagstaff'. College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover. Two pages are pasted together at pp. 15-16. Several corrections and marginal notes, many amending errors of transcription and in the copyist's hand.

Single hand, seventeenth century, some corrections perhaps in a second hand. Paper. Original limp tooled and stamped vellum binding.