St John's College H.8 (James 275)


William Whitaker (?), Ecclesiastical Polity. Latin, c. 1590


William Whitaker, Master of St John's College (d. 1595): untitled work on the government of the Church. Beg.: 'Prodiit nuper in lucem ignoti Authoris opusculu' quoddam quod inscribitur Ecclesiasticae disciplinae'. On the spine: 'Whitaker's Ecclesiast: Polity'. The attribution, to an exercise for Whitaker's BD degree, is suggested by Thomas Baker in his History of St John's College, i, 188.


Manuscript extra information


320x220 mm. 202 pp

Originally a clean copy, with marginal notes and a few corrections. Paper, badly damaged by damp towards the end. A later binding, leather on boards.