St John's College H.31 (James 293)

Charles Yate, Notes on eminent members of College. English and Latin, 1838 onwards


Charles Yate, Fellow of St John's College (1804-60): 'Notices Biographical, Historical, and Genealogical, of Eminent Persons, Connected with the College of St John the Evangelist, in Cambridge; Collected and arranged by Charles Yate Fellow of the College. Commenced in 1838' (title page). Additions continue to around 1857, or even later. The order of notices is: The Foundress; Mary, Countess of Shrewsbury ('Foundress of 2nd Court'); John Williams, Archbishop of York ('Founder of Library'); Masters (down to William Henry Bateson); Cardinals (John Fisher and Philip Howard); Bishops in order of consecration from George Day, Bishop of Chichester to Henry Cotterill, Bishop of Graham's Town, South Africa and Thomas Carr, Bishop of Bombay; Lady Margaret Beaufort's executors; and - apparently added at a slightly later date - selected recent worthies (John James Blunt, Thomas Catton, Fearon Fallows, John Hildyard, John Cowling, John Charles Snowball, the Chevalier de Colquhoun, Charles Ewan Law, Sir Launcelot Shadwell, Edward Herbert Earl of Powis, Thomas Kipling, and Thomas Calvert). There is a particularly handsome title page. Many coats of arms up to and including the executors are blazoned at approximately 90x50 mm. This volume contains substantial and well-researched detail; it was used by J. E. B. Mayor in his edition of Thomas Baker's History of the College of St John the Evangelist, Cambridge (Cambridge, 1869), as references on pp. 662 and 706 show.

Manuscript extra information

450x295 mm. iv+118 fos [+ c. 100 blank]. Small College bookplate (nineteenth century) and the bookplate of Charles Yate inside front cover. Bequeathed to the College by the author, and presented in accordance with his wishes by his widow Jane Anne Yate (her letter to ?the Master dated 6 Jan. 1862 tipped in before title page).

Autograph, with several newspaper clippings pasted in. Paper. A commercial album in half leather, marbled boards.