St John's College H.21-23 (James 286-8)

Adrian Beverland, MS notes in a copy of the 1696 Fabri thesaurus. Latin and Greek, c. 1710


Adrian Beverland (1653 or 1654 - 1712): copious MS notes, demonstrating very considerable classical and literary knowledge, added to an interleaved copy of Basilii Fabri, sorani, Thesaurus eruditionis scholasticae (Leipzig, 1696). Cowie reprints the entry for Beverland's colourful and somewhat unsavoury career from the Biographie Universelle. The date 1710 is written on the verso to col. 2606. At this point Beverland was living in England; he died, insane, two years later.

Manuscript extra information

400x260 mm. 2606 cols as numbered in the printed edition, together with an unpaginated printed index (German) and the many interleaved notes. 'Hadrianus Beverland' on the title-page to H.21. There is no internal clue as to how these vols came to St John's. Copies of Beverland's De Fornicatione vitanda and of his notes on Juvenal are at Cambridge University Library MS Dd.13.31 and Adversaria A.15 respectively.

Autograph notes in three printed folio vols. Paper; some worming. The three vols bound handsomely and uniformly in leather; the binding is contemporary.