St John's College H.19 (James 284)

John Christopherson, 'Jephthah'. Greek and Latin, seventeenth century


John Christopherson, Fellow of Pembroke and St John's Colleges, Master of Trinity College, Cambridge, Bishop of Chichester (d. 1558): 'Jephthah', a drama in Greek. The play has been dated by Boas to around 1544 (University drama in the Tudor age, Oxford, 1914, pp. 45-7). This copy is dedicated in Latin to Cuthbert Tunstal, Bishop of Durham, while a very close variant at Trinity (MS O.I.37) is dedicated to William Parr, Earl of Essex. For a printed edition compiled from these two manuscripts see Francis Howard Fobes and Wilbur Owen Sypherd, Jephthah, by John Christopherson (Newark, Delaware, 1928). The editors suggest that the play may have been performed at Trinity in 1554-5 and 1566-7, although the attribution is uncertain in both cases (Fobes and Sypherd, Jephthah, p. 9).

Manuscript extra information

170x125 mm. Unfol. [iii+60+iii fos]. Biographical notes on Christopherson by (fo. [iir]) Thomas Baker and (fo. [4r]) Francis Peck (Godeby, 17 Sep. 1729). Signature of Henry Knewstub at fo. [1r]. College bookplate (eighteenth century) inside front cover.

A single, neat hand throughout, sixteenth century. Paper, with generous margins; tooled leather binding on boards, slightly damaged at front cover.

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