St John's College H.15 (James 281)

Sir Thomas Browne, Religio Medici, etc. Latin and English, later seventeenth century


  1. 'De statu questionum quinq' inter Remonstrantes et Contra-Remonstrantes Controversarum, a Reverendo Patre D: Overall, Episcopo quondam Norwicense', no date (pp. vi-xiv). Latin. This is an apparently unprinted work by John Overall (1560-1619), of St John's College, Fellow of Trinity College, Master of Catharine Hall, Cambridge, Regius Professor of Theology in the University, and Bishop of Norwich.
  2. [Sir Thomas Browne (1605-82)]: 'Religio Medici', no date, but clearly after this highly popular work was first published in 1642. English (pp. 1-231). However, it is not copied from the authorised text, but agrees more closely with the spurious editions and other surviving MSS. The MS was consulted by Geoffrey Keynes, J. J. Denonain, V. Sanna and L. C. Martin in their editions of the Religio Medici.
  3. A Cavalier song, no date but c. 1659. Beg.: 'Curs'd bee that Cavaleer / that eyther droop, or feare / for so the King be Great / al's one to mee'; ends: 'Yet if by Foes / Charles to his Crown of Gold / be brought, I dare bee bold / to honour those / not for the Action, but the Close'.
Manuscript extra information

204x140 mm. xiv+232+xviii pp. (blank ii-xviii). On first folio in Thomas Baker's hand: 'Ex dono venerabilis viri Bainbridge Dean hujus Colegii olim Alumni'. Dean matriculated from St John's in 1682, and was subsequently Rector of Crostwick and Beeston. College bookplate inside front cover.

A principal hand, growing larger through the volume, with the Cavalier song in a second hand. Paper. Leather binding on boards, with central rose and crown device, but upside-down.