St John’s College Hh.2.18(2)

The Earl of Danby’s defence. English. 1678.


Entitled on the first page ‘The Lord Treasurer’s defence before the house of Lords to his impeachment upon six articles by Mr Montagu in the house of Commons. Anno domini 1678’. Seven pages of manuscript in a single neat hand in heavy black ink. Each of the 6 articles is numbered. The manuscript concludes with a Latin quotation from Juvenal’s Satires, and a pen flourish.


230 x 160 mm. Seven pages enclosed in two blank leaves. Bound in a volume with eighteen printed works published 1678-82, mostly relating to the events surrounding the Popish Plot and subsequent legal proceedings, apart from one 1649 publication. The three works following the manuscript all relate directly to Lord Danby’s case, and were formerly owned by Joseph Lambert (d. 1716), the father of Robert Lambert, Master of St John’s.