St John's College O.76 (James 565)

William Black, Biographical collections re the Metropolitan ministers. English, 1860

William Henry Black (1808-72): 'The Metropolitan Ministers, a century ago. Biographical Collections, intended to illustrate the Autographs of the Presbyterian, Independent, and Baptist, and of the French and Dutch Ministers who signed the Addresses to the Princess of Wales, on the death of George II and accession of George III, in 1760', dated 1860 on title page and in a note of purchase inside front cover. For the author, an Assistant Keeper at the Public Record Office, see DNB. The work is substantial, though unfinished. Black records dates of birth, ordination and death, and identifies congregations and known portraits, together with relevant biographical works. Details for the French and Dutch ministers are almost non-existent.

Manuscript extra information

180x110 mm. 156 pp, with four loose sheets and a small envelope. College bookplate (early twentieth century) inside back cover. According to a pencilled note on p. 2 the MS was lot 467 in the Sotheby's sale of 29 July 1873. It was presented to the College by the executors of J. E. B. Mayor, Fellow and President of St John's, 1910 (plate inside front cover).

Presumably autograph, a small hand, with several additions, some in pencil, and a few corrections. Paper. Standard commercial notebook with soft covers.