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    Vellum,  14.625 x 9.5, ff. 432 + 1, three main columns of 59 lines.  Late 13th cent. or early 14th cent., in a fine hand (probably two hands).

    Donor, T. C. S.  On f. 1: the price xli.

    From Christ Church, Canterbury.  On f. 1: Concordancie de studio domini prioris ecclesie christi Cant.  (Ancient Libraries, p. 512).

    Collation: 112 - 3112 3210 3312 3410 3512 3612 378? (wants 5-8), 1 flyleaf.


         Concordantiae Bibliorum.

         Cuilibet uolenti requirere concordantias

               -usque in finem capituli protendatur.

         Fine gold initial to each main division (and to prologue) on a ground of delicate

            red pen-work which leaves a foliage pattern in white.

         A. a. a. Jer. 1. a domine deus.

         Ends f. 432b : in Uolucris.

         The last leaf is a faintly-written cancel-leaf of the letter P (Plenus, etc.) unfinished;

            verso blank.

Manuscript extra information

Two comical drawings in the same ink as the initial decorations: on f.1r a bier with a chicken under a pall, borne by two dogs; a dog carrying a book and wearing a stole; and a rabbit ringing two bells. The 'priest-dog' has LAMB written above. On f.343r (letter 5) a rabbit chasing a dog which looks back over its shoulder.

R.W. Hunt, 'The library of the Abbey of St Albans'. In M.B. Parkes and A.G. Watson (eds.), Medieval scribes, manuscripts & libraries: essays presented to N.R. Ker (London, 1978) p.261 n.52.

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