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    Vellum,  9.625 x 6.75, ff. 299 + 7, double columns of 36 lines.  13th - 14th cent., in fine round black hand.

    Donor, T. C. S.

    Collation: a6 112 - 612 718 812 - 1412 1510 1612 1710 - 1910 2012 2112  2210 2312 - 2512 26? (three), l flyleaf.

    The flyleaves at the beginning contain notes for sermons, as it seems, in double columns in a thirteenth cent. hand.  f. vi is blank.




      Historia Scholastica Petri Comestoris.

        Inc. prol. epistolaris.  Reuerendo patri et domino Willelmo  f. 1

                     -benedictus deus amen.  Good decorative initial.

        Inc. hystoria scolastica prefatio.

        Imperatorie maiestatis (CXCVIII 1053).

        Initial to Genesis has two medallions: (1) Christ seated facing R.,

            clouds (?) above , waters below.  (2) Conviction of Adam and Eve.

            Christ on L.

        Exodus.  Initial.  Moses horned on L. addresses three Israelites.

        Leviticus.          Moses horned kneels holding up a red heifer. 

                                         Altar with censer  (?) on R.

        Numbers.           Christ addresses Moses horned on R.

        Deut.                  Moses horned, with tables of law on R.  Two

                                              Jews on L.

        Joshua.                  Christ addresses Joshua in mail and surcoat on R.

        Judges.                 Jews kneel. Altar on R.

        Reg.                      Elkanah and Hannah kneel.  Head of Christ

                                            over altar on R.

        Tobit.                     Tobit reclines.  Swallow in air above.

        Daniel.                   Seated in rocky hole.  Two red lions in front.

        Judith.                    Beheads Holofernes in bed.

        Acts ends f. 299a:  in Cathacumbis.


                             Finito libro sit laus et gloria Christo.


    There are some scribbles on the verso.

    The pictured initials have good gold grounds, but are of rather rough execution.