Index of images of Christ

Manuscript image index

Every index entry is followed by the St John's College Library classmark for each appropriate manuscript, with the folio location of the image within that manuscript.  For example, Abel B.9, f.203v indicates that an image of Abel is to be found on the verso of leaf 203 in Manuscript B.9. Please quote this latter number in any enquiry to the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

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Adoration of the Magi - D.6, f.28v ; K.21, f.39r ; K.26, f.14r ; N.24, f.61r

Annunciation to the shepherds - D.6, f.27v, f.116r ; K.26, f.12v

Baptism with John and Angel - D.6, f.29v ; K.26, f.16v

Birth (Nativity) - B.20, f.4r ; K.21, f.37v ; N.2, f.38r ; N.19, f.7v ; N.24, f.51r

Mary wipes Christ's feet with her hair - K.21, f.47r


Nativity (See Birth)

Presentation in the temple - D.6, f.29v ; H.13, f.122r ; K.21, f.39v ; K.26, f.15r ; N.24, f.65r ; T.8, f.206v

Supper at Bethany - K.21, f.47r

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The Passion

Barabbas brought out of prison - K.21, f.50r

Bears the cross - K.21, f.51v

Betrayal - D.6, f.30v ; K.21, f.49v ; K.26, f.18v

Captured and led away - K.21, f.49v

Crowned with thorns - K.21, f.51r

Crucifixion - B.1, f.ivv ; B.17(II), f.101v ; B.18, f.31r ; C.9, f.35v; G.32, f.110v ; K.21, f.51v, f.52r, f.52v, f.53r, f.53v ; K.26, f.19v ; N.1, f.380v (almost fully erased) ; N.2, f.74r ; N.8, f.3v ; N.19, f.8v ; T.8, f.263r, f.314r (as part of the Trinity)

Descent from the Cross - K.21, f.53v ; K.26, f.20v

Descent into Hell - K.21, f.54r ; K.26, f.20r

Entombment - K.21, f.54r ; K.26, f.21r

Entry into Jerusalem - D.6, f.30v ; K.21, f.47r ; K.26, f.17v

Flagellation - K.21, f.51r ; K.26, f.19r

With Herod - K.21, f.50v

Instruments of

Judas kisses Christ (see the Betrayal)

Last Supper - H.13, f.57v ; K.21, f.47v ; K.26, f.18r

Longinus pierces Christ's side - B.18, f.31r ; C.9, f.35v ; K.21, f.53v

With Pontius Pilate - K.21, f.50r, f.50v

Purple robe removed - K.21, f.51v

Giving sop to Judas - H.13, f.57v ; K.21, f.48r ; K.26, f.18r

Washing Peter's feet - K.21, f.48r

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After the Passion

Apparition of angel in tomb - B.18, f.31r

Ascension - B.9, f.45v ; H.13, f.51v ; K.21, f.57r, f.61v ; K.26, f.21v ; N.8, f.347r

Blesses the three Maries - K.21, f.57v

Christ appears to the Apostles - K.21, f.58v, f.59r

Christ going to Emmaus - K.21, f.56v

Holy Spirit in the form of a dove descends on the Apostles (see Pentecost)

Holy women at the sepulchre (see Three Maries beside tomb)

Last Judgement - B.9, f.185v ; K.26, f.22v ; N.24, f.174r

With Mary Magdalene - K.21, f.56r

Pentecost - B.9, f.168r, f.194r ; K.21, f.61v ; K.26, f.22r ; N.2, f.70r ; T.8, f.308v

Resurrection - K.21, f.54v ; T.8, f.285v

Spreading the word that Christ's body was 'stolen'  - K.21, f.58r

Supper at Emmaus - K.21, f.57r

Three Maries beside tomb (with ointment?) - B.18, f.31r ; K.21, f.55r

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Images of Christ

Convicting Adam and Eve - B.4, f.1v

With Adam - H.11, f.72v

Watching over Andrew - H.13, f.103r

With Apostles - K.21, f.45v-50r, f.56r-61v, f.63r ; T.8, f.244r

  • Apostles in boat K.21, f.60v
  • Apostles fishing K.21, f.61r

Blessing - C.18, f.148r, f.217v ; D.6, f.18r, f.118r ; D.14, f.126v ; K.15, f.4r ; K.21, f.9r, f.40r, f.46r, f.47r ; K.30, f.90r, f.124v ; N.8, f.61v ; N.24, f.174r

Holding book - C.18, f.148r ; G.15, f.155v ; K.15, f.4r ; K.21, f.9r, f.40r

Convicting Cain - K.26, f.6v

Standing on church - K.21, f.40r

At the Creation - B.4, f.1v ; K.26, f.3r

Crowned woman kneeling before - D.6, f.118r

With David - D.30, f.25v, f.38r, f.62v ; E.15, f.68r ; N.2, f.54r ; N.8, f.170v ; N.24, f.87r

With Devil - K.21, f.40r

With Elkanah and Hannah - B.4, f.108v

Entering Ephraim with Apostles - K.21, f.46v

Creation of Eve - K.26, f.3v

With Fool - D.30, f.50r

Half-length - C.18, f.148r ; H.11, f.72v ; N.24, f.28r, f.87r

Hand of - D.14, f.126v

Head of - B.4, f.108v ; H.11, f.79r ; K.30, f.90r ; N.8, f.263r, f.271r, f.272r

With Joel - N.8, f.265r

With Joshua - B.4, f.90v ; N.8, f.61v

In judgment - B.9, f.53r, f.185v ; K.26, f.22v; N.24, f.174r

With king - D.30, f.50r

With Lazarus - K.21, f.46r

Man crouching beside - C.18, f.217v

Within mandorla - D.6, f.102r ; K.21, f.66r

Holding mirror - T.8, f.154r

With kneeling monk - K.21, f.9r

Giving tables to Moses - S.30, f.1r

With Moses - B.4, f.71v

Between two musicians - D.6, f.102r

With Noah - K.26, f.7r

Holding orb - A.4, f.1v (Vol.1) ; A.10, f.1r ; B.15(III), f.7r ; D.30, f.107r ; K.26, f.25r ; N.19, f.9v

Giving key to Peter - B.9, f.116v

Piercing the heads of men and lion - B.18, f.86v

Holding blank scroll - C.18, f.217v ; K.26, f.6v

Raising hands to the sky - K.21, f.35v

In the sky - N.24, f.28r, f.87r

With soldiers - K.21, f.51v, f.52r, f.52v, f.53r, f.53v ; N.8, f.68v ; T.8, f.285v

Holding stars - G.15, f.155v

Blessing suppliants - B.18, f.139r

With sword(s) in mouth - B.9, f.185v ; G.15, f.155v ; H.6, f.iiiv ; H.11, f.60v

Treading on the head of a man - B.18, f.155r

With the Virgin - K.21, f.63r, f.63v, f.66r, f.66v

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