Fred Hoyle: An Online Exhibition

Hoyle's Youth

Chemical Balance

The young Hoyle became interested in astronomy and physics from books he borrowed from the local library, including Arthur Eddington’s Stars and Atoms. His enquiring mind also became interested in chemistry and his father bought him some equipment. Fred was soon making gunpowder and noxious phosphine gas, and staging explosions that terrified his younger sister, Joan. Hoyle used his chemistry set to undertake sometimes dangerous experiments. When interviewed for a place at Bingley Grammar School, Hoyle explained his experiment to make phosphine gas to Alan Smailes, the Headmaster. Smailes was undoubtedly impressed by Hoyle’s scientific promise, but warned him that he wouldn’t “be doing that here”.

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Chemical balances from Hoyle's chemistry set

Further views of the balances: The Scales | The Weights

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