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Hoyle vs Ryle

'An assessment of the evidence against the steady-state theory'

Hoyle never abandoned the steady state theory, and continued to talk and write about it into the 1990s. This article was delivered by Hoyle as a paper at a conference on 'Astronomy, Cosmology, and Fundamental Physics' held in Bologna in May 1988. It was published in a book based on the conference, Modern Cosmology in Retrospect (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1990). Throughout the article Hoyle maintains that the evidence brought against the steady-state theory is not sufficient to rule it out. He ends by stating that "To have any hope of solving the problem of biological origins in a rational way a universe with an essentially unlimited canvas is required [...] it is to provide just such an unlimited canvas that the steady state theory is required, or so it seems to me".

'A Professor Yclept Martin Ryle' | 'An Assessment of the Evidence Against the Steady State Theory'

Autograph manuscript of an article defending the steady-state theory

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