St John's Effective Altruists

The Society

Effective altruism is a philosophy and social movement that applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world.

St John’s Effective Altruists is a society founded in 2012, as a Johnian branch of the growing Effective Altruism movement. We aim to build a community of people who want to ‘do the most good possible’, right here in the College! 

In College we run social events, and speaker events and discussion groups open to all who are interested. We try to cover a range of areas and interests, including international development, journalism and academic research, to name just a few. 

We hope you will be interested in hearing more about our events during term by getting in touch with a committee member below!

The Committee

Committee 2016-17

President: Jamie Bernardi (jhb57)
Vice-President: Annanay Kapila (ak2033)
Junior Treasurer: Charly Pressdee (cep63)
Senior Treasurer: Dr Helen Watson (hew1001)


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