The Dobson Society

The Society

The Dobson Society, named after former St John’s Master, Sir Chris Dobson under whom the study of Education at St. John’s was promoted and nurtured, is the college’s first Education Society. The society aims to create a space in which both undergraduate, postgraduate and PGCE Education students can socialise and mentor one another. As one of the smaller cohorts in the college, we believe building strong relationships between students across the various Education degree courses offered at John’s is key to creating a thriving hub of ideas and innovation, hence why we offer membership to all St John’s Education faculty students on their year of entry. However, despite our small size, we are by no means quiet, and The Dobson Society aims to enlighten all on the wonders of the Education Faculty through hosting speaker events open to all St. John’s students.


The Dobson Society Launch Event

The Dobson Society has officially been launched in October 2021 and as part of this exciting announcement, we have held a launch event at which we have unveiled a new sculpture – ‘With the Heart of a Child’ by Nicola Ravenscroft – which has been installed on the grounds at St. John’s. The sculpture depicts a child from each continent of the world and we feel embodies the heart of what Education offers humanity: an enrichment and nurture of children and indeed ourselves. The event has involved the unveiling of the sculpture, a drinks reception with speakers from the society open to all, and a dinner for Dobson Society members.

Freshers Welcome Event

As all Education students are given membership to the Dobson Society on arrival at St. John’s, we hope to hold an annual freshers welcome dinner at which our undergraduate and postgraduate freshers can meet current Education students, as well as our Director of Studies, Dr. Morag Morrison-Helme.

Committee 2023-24

The committee is made up of undergraduate and postgraduate Education students and St. John’s fellows:

Presidents - Daisy Shaw (djs268) and Julia Coyle (jhc86)

Junior Treasurer – Fifon Thomas (fet31)

Senior Treasurer – Dr. Morag Morrison-Helme (mgm25), Director of Studies for Education

Secretary – 

Social event coordinator

Social Secretary – 

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