St John's Top 5: Chapels, churches and vicarages

In its origin St John's was a religious as well as an educational foundation. It was only in the late 19th century that Fellows were released from the obligation of taking Holy Orders. It is in the circumstances natural that there is a significant number of papers, drawings and plans relating to chapels, parish churches and vicarages within the College's Archive collection.

Elevation of ground and first floors for Horningsea Vicarage, Cambridgshire, by Rattee & Kett (1871)

Elevation of south door of Layham Church, Suffolk, by G.E. Pritchett (1862)

Elevation and section of proposed, but not erected, church at Marfleet, Yorkshire, by I Webster of Hedon  (1913)

Sketch of SJC chapel in a letter to GF Reyner, Bursar (1857-1876)

Sketch of SJC Chapel found in papers relating to the Chapel Appeal of 1862-1869