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SPS - Thomas Griffiths

Thomas Griffiths attended a state comprehensive in the North East for both his GCSEs and A-levels. He took A-levels in History, Religious Studies, Geography and Psychology. He graduated from St John's in 2007 with a 2.1 in Social and Political Sciences (now PPS).

'Early into my first term, I discovered that the lackadaisical lifestyle of the SPSer was a Cantabrigian myth. Although lectures did not take all of the day every day, the void was filled by a comprehensive and stimulating reading list. Whilst at times this could appear daunting, the diversity of the suggested materials made the experience not only challenging, but also enjoyable. One day I would find myself reading about the foundations of the American constitution, the next, the cultural significance of the Balinese cockfight. In my 2nd year, I pursued the Sociology stream, but the interdisciplinary papers ensured that I was able to explore the areas and approaches that interested me, allowing me to get the most from the course.

In my unashamedly biased opinion St John's is a wonderful college to study SPS. The Supervisors, Director of Studies and resources are second to none. We also have amazing accommodation, brilliant sports teams and one of the best bars in Cambridge!

After graduating, I was fortunate to receive funds from the McMahon Studentship allowing me to study the Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL) at the BPP law school in London. Having completed the GDL, I'm currently about to embark on my second year of law school following which I will be joining Pinsent Masons in 2010.'

  - Thomas Griffiths, graduated 2007