Samuel Butler's Books

A display of some of Butler's published works

Click on the titles below to read a summary, view images of some of the editions in the Butler Collection, and find links to free online editions of Butler's books.


1872            Erewhon

1901            Erewhon Revisited

1903            The Way of All Flesh



1863            A First Year in Canterbury Settlement

1865            The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as given by the Four Evangelists, Critically Examined

1873            The Fair Haven

1878            Life and Habit

1879            Evolution, Old & New

1880            Unconscious Memory

1882            Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton Ticino

1887            Luck, or Cunning?

1888            Ex Voto

1896            The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Butler

1897            The Authoress of the Odyssey

1898            The Iliad

1899            Shakespeare’s Sonnets Reconsidered

1900            The Odyssey


Thank you to undergraduate Maya Palit for her contribution to this online exhibition.

Acknowledgement is also due to Peter Raby's book Samuel Butler: A Biography (London: 1991), from which some of the information on the following pages is taken.

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