Research outputs

Research outputs


Kelly, M. P., Fletcher, P. C., Kriznik, N. M. and Kinmonth, A. L. (2018) "Brains as models of the world and brains as models of the lifeworld: action, structure and neurobiology" in Social Neuroscience. Published online 10th May 2018: 

Barker, M., Dombrowski, S. U., Colbourn, T., Fall, C. H. D., Kriznik, N. M., Lawrence, W. T., Norris, S. A., Ngaiza, G., Patel, D., Skordis-Worral, J, Sniehotta, F. F., Steegers-Theunissen, R., Vogel, C., Woods-Townsend, K. and Stephenson, J. (2018) “Intervention strategies to improve nutrition and health behaviours before conception” in The Lancet. Published 16th April 2018:  

Kelly , M.P., (2018) How to make the first thousand days count, Health Promotion Journal of Australia 29(S1):17–21 . Published online 14th March 2018:

Kriznik, N. M., Kelly, M. P., Kinmonth, A. L. and Ling, T. (2018) "Moving beyond individual choice in policies to reduce health inequalities: the integration of dynamic with individual explanations" in the Journal of Public Health. Published online 13th March 2018:

Szreter, S., Kinmonth A. L., Kriznik, N. M. and Kelly, M. P. (2016) "Health and welfare as a burden on the state? The dangers of forgetting history" in The Lancet. Vol. 388, No. 10061. Pp. 2734-2735.

In preparation

Kelly, M. P., Kriznik, N. M., Kinmonth, A. L., and Burton, G. J. The interaction between social and biological life: developmental programming, social practices and health inequalities.

Other outputs

Szreter, S. Reflections on I, Daniel Blake


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