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Research centre run by Master of St John’s wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry award

"We are proud of the contribution the chemical sciences make to our global community"

Academics at The Centre for Misfolding Diseases have been honoured with a Royal Society of Chemistry prize to celebrate their ‘inspirational’ scientific collaboration.

The Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual prizes and awards recognise achievements by individuals, teams and organisations in advancing the chemical sciences and supporting chemical scientists.

Sir Christopher Dobson, Professor Tuomas Knowles, Professor Michele Vendruscolo.

Professor Tuomas Knowles, Sir Christopher Dobson and Professor Michele Vendruscolo

The interdisciplinary research team at The Centre for Misfolding Diseases (CMD) focuses on the family of human disorders that includes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and type-II diabetes, which are the most rapidly rising cause of illness and death in the developed world.

The centre is led by Sir Christopher Dobson, Master of St John’s, Professor Tuomas Knowles, Fellow of St John’s, and Professor Michele Vendruscolo.

The trio have been awarded the Rita and John Cornforth Award which aims to highlight scientists working in collaborative research teams with both chemistry and the life sciences.

They have won £2000, a medal, and a certificate and will complete a UK lecture tour.

Robert Parker, Chief Executive of The Royal Society of Chemistry, said: “Our lives have been significantly improved by the chemical sciences, from medicines and food to the environment itself.

“We are proud of the contribution the chemical sciences make to our global community, which is why it is right for us to recognise important innovations and expertise.

“These winners are an inspiration to the chemistry community and will play an incredibly important role in enriching people’s lives for generations to come.”