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The Pythagoras Prize 2013

Every year St John’s College proudly awards the Pythagoras Prize worth £9000 to an undergraduate student coming to study Mathematics. Now in its third year of existence, the Pythagoras Prize was awarded on 4th October 2013 to two exceptional students, Maria Lan Tang and Martin Tang (of no relation). Due to this year’s two prize winners, each of the students received a one off prize of £5000. The Pythagoras Prize is awarded to an outstanding undergraduate Home student every year to support his or her aspirations to study at St John’s College.

Maria has successfully applied to St John’s College and will start her undergraduate degree in Mathematics this October. Her outstanding results at the Royal Grammar School in Newcastle Upon Tyne and her extra-curricular activities make her a perfect candidate for the College. She has been tutoring during the lunch hours, is doing fundraising for Amnesty International and is also an active member of the school orchestra, playing the Clarinet.

Martin will also start his undergraduate degree in Mathematics this October. His outstanding results at Luton VI Form College and his extra-curricular activities make him another ideal candidate for the College. Great results at the UK Senior Mathematical Challenge and his partaking in the ‘Formula 24+’ contributed to the committee’s decision.

The ceremony took place in the Master’s Lodge where the Master, Professor Christopher Dobson, congratulated both prize winners on their great results. He was accompanied by the Senior Tutor, Directors of Studies, the donors and the previous prize-winner, Adam Gleave. Also present were the parents of this year’s prize-winners.

The Pythagoras Prize is one of the great opportunities St John’s College offers its students to receive appreciation for excellence in their studies prior to their admission. Another example of this is the Biology Prize offered by the College. Details can be found here.

There are yet more prizes to be confirmed so watch the website for updates.