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Meet the new St John’s Research Fellows

Research Fellowships

Research Fellowships

Published: 7/2/18

St John's College has elected six new Research Fellows who will take up their appointments later this year.

The Research Fellowships provide the opportunity for outstanding researchers early in their careers to carry out independent study in a stimulating and supportive academic environment.

The six new Fellows are graduates from a variety of academic institutions including the universities of Bern, Sydney, and Cornell. Their areas of study are equally broad, ranging from Mycenaean Epigraphy to Neurodegenerative disorders. They will join the College in October 2018.

Dr Giuliana Fusco

Laurea, Naples, PhD, Cambridge

Subject: Natural Science (Biochemistry)

Specialism: Neurodegenerative disorders

Research interests: The underlying molecular mechanisms of neuronal communications and neurodegenerative disorders, characterised with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectroscopy and Cryo-Electron Microscopy.

Ms Stephanie Mawson

BA, Melbourne, BA, MPhil, Sydney

Subject: History

Research interests: Early modern world history, with a focus on Maritime Southeast Asia; empires and their limitations; ethnohistory and labour history; history from below.

Dr Joana Meier

BSc, MSc, PhD, Bern

Subject: Natural Sciences (Biological)

Research interests: Evolutionary biology with a focus on speciation, hybridization, population genetics, and genomics.

Mr Morgan Ng

BA, Cornell

Subject: Architecture

Research interests: Renaissance visual culture, architecture, and landscape; early modern military and mechanical arts; technical drawing and cartography; glass, optics, and pictorial light; northern Italian sculptors and their transnational networks.

Mr James Read

BPhil, Oxford, MASt, Cambridge, MPhys Phil, Oxford

Subject: Philosophy

Specialism: Philosophy of Physics

Research interests: Foundations of spacetime theories; symmetries in physics; probability in physics; philosophy of quantum gravity.

Ms Ester Salgarella

BA, MA, Padova, MPhil, Cambridge

Subject: Classics

Specialism: Mycenaean Epigraphy

Research interests: The relationship between two Bronze Age Aegean writing systems, Linear A (Minoan) and Linear B (Mycenaean). Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the work will encompass palaeographical, structural and linguistics analyses as well as archaeological and historical investigation.

Banner photo credit: Skeeze, via Pixabay 

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