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Making a Difference – Charitable Giving, Service & ‘The Walworth Weekend’

It’s not all about us.  Put your faith into action!

Being a Christian is not just a private and personal thing but should make a difference to the whole of life and especially in serving others.  In Chapel we encourage people to get involved not only in serving the Chapel Community but the wider world.

Each year we collect significant amounts of money in Chapel for worthwhile charities.  Our Chapel Committee nominate local, national and international causes week by week and we have also held a number of fun charity poker nights to support the St John’s RAG charities.

Our biggest collective commitment to service each year is the ‘Walworth Weekend’ at the end of Michaelmas Term.  On the first Saturday of term a group of about 12 of us (depending on how many beds we can get) travel down to Walworth, near the Elephant & Castle in London, to help at the Church of St John the Evangelist there.  We run a party for 40 or so children from the local area, help in the parish entertainments in the evening, stay overnight with some of the parishioners and then do various bits in the Sunday morning service.  It’s a great weekend, which has prompted some of the best stories of the last few years, from Tom’s infamous dead-pan Cinderella to the Santas invading Tate Modern to Alistair’s Big Bad Wolf.