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Luisa Respondek - Architecture

'I chose to study Architecture because I was fascinated by the fusion of artistic and analytic aspects which allowed me to study a broad range of stimulating subtopics. Shaping and reflecting on not only the way we live but also on our cultures and identities, architecture can really have a profound impact on us which has been significant to me while growing up in various countries around the world. The architectural discourse is a universal one and that is a feature which I still think forms part of the great allure of the subject.

'The course at Cambridge, while probably taking a more academic approach than some other schools of architecture, definitely encourages great creativity in its students and it is this balance I liked when applying here. Each college generally takes between one and three students for architecture and it is this small numbers which creates a strong sense of 'community' within the course and allows for more individual attention.

'Currently I'm in my third year at St. John's College and it has been extremely rewarding to study here. The benefits of applying to St. John's include the College's amazing support system for architecture students (with supervisions, tutorials etc.), coupled with excellent facilities (such as the provision of drawing boards every year, a fund for material costs, etc.). Apart from providing a first class education, the College also attracts a wonderfully diverse range of students from all over the world, which makes settling into university life or even a foreign country much easier. St. John's has numerous societies, sports facilities and events to brighten up your days. The beautiful grounds (formed from a variety of inspiring architectural styles!) are an added bonus and are located right in the heart of the city which makes it easy to get to other places.

'Coming from an international school, I took the International Baccalaureate with three Higher Level (Visual Arts, Mathematics and Physics) and three Standard Level subjects (Economics, Spanish and English). Visual Arts has proved really beneficial to my study of architecture as it allows you to develop your own style and presentation skills as well as work towards your portfolio (which you will need for an interview). However, the other subjects have also provided me with a broad background that can come in handy for the course.

'My time at St. John's so far has been a truly amazing one and I feel really lucky to be here. I absolutely recommend applying!'

 - Luisa Respondek, November 2013