Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 81


  1. Printed Material, Various Authors.
  2. HW Copy MS, The Mathematics of Evolution: Figures for Quasar Paper
  3. Parameters KEV-T6. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  4. Penetration factors and gamma (width) coefficients (mev). Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  5. 1. Nuclear & atomic masses. 2. Binding energy etc. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  6. Last proton binding energy, last neutron binding energy and last alpha binding energy; beta-decay energy. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  7. Binding energy and binding energy per nucleon. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  8. Nuclear and atomic masses. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.
  9. Beta decay energy. Printout of figures. Stamped with name and address of Prof. William Fowler.


Box 82


  1. HW, MS, Comment on the Recently Discovered Large Angle Fluctuations of the Microwave Background: HW, MS, On the Mathematical Theory of the Origin of Matter: HW, MS, Mass Splitting in the Baryan Octet: Typed, MS some HW, Was There a Big Bang?.
  2. List of Academic Papers and Career Notes: Biographical Notes.
  3. Newspaper, TV, Club, Societies Correspondence: Obituary of Ray Lyttleton.
  4. HW, MS, Calculations.
  5. HW, MS Origin of Light Nuclei: HW, Copy, MS, Hydrological Assumptions: HW, MS, Particle Masses in H Baryan Deciplet
  6. HW, MS, On the Shape of Leaves: HW, MS, Light Element in Planck Fireballs: HW, Copy, Lecture, Liege 23 June 1992, The Creation of Matter: HW, On Calculating the Mass of the Nucleon.
  7. Papers, Various Authors including FH.


Box 83


  1. HW, MS, Chapter 30, A Lucky End: Typed, MS, Origins in Science, The Universe and Their Relation to Culture and Religion: Typed MS and HW, MS, Space and Science.
  2. HW, Copy, MS, Why do I Believe in the Big Bang: HW, MS, On the Origin of History and Religion.
  3. HW, MS, Trieste 1991, Expansion of the Universe: HW, MS, Dirac A Scientific Biography: Lecture HW, MS, Does Astrophysics Deserve an Alternative to the Big Bang 1992: Typed MS, Karl Scharxchild Lecture, Synthesis of Light Elements: Typed, HW Corrections, Milne Lecture, Comets Their Relation to the Origin of Life 1978: MS, The Nature of Life: HW and HW Copy, MS with NCW.
  4. HW, Leaf Diagrams: HW, MS, Account of Evolution of Stars: HW, MS Advances in the understanding of the Evolution of Stars 1994: HW, Typed, Speech the Balzan Foundation: HW, Paper, Synthesis of the Light Elements 1994:HW, MS, How Successful is the Big Bang: Fax: Letters FH.
  5. Typed Abstract, How Successful is the Big Bang: HW, Lecture Cavendish Lab 1995 and OP's: Printed Graph, Is the Earth Really Warming.
  6. Letters re the Bondis' Golden Wedding celebrations 1997; letter from Prof. R.F. Churchouse, 5 July 1995, with articles by him on ENIGMA; faxes to and from Josef Corbella 1996; Typescript review of Martin Rees's Before the beginning: our universe and others by FH; MS The synthesis of the light elements; MS QSO redshifts: a mystery for the twenty-first century; Correspondence with Dr G. Stephens 1995; fax to Prof. Wasserburg 1995; photocopy of article by Hoyle and Pryce re the range of RDF sets over the sea 1941; 2 pages of MS.
  7. Fax to Geoffrey Burbidge 1994; On the inability of weak gravitational lenses and microlenses to act as amplifiers of QSO magnitudes.
  8. Faxes to Prof. Narlikar and Geoffrey Burbidge, 1994-1995.
  9. MS The great greenhouse controversy, Sept. 1995; MS Steady-state concepts, lecture 1995; MS pad; diary spring 1977 San Francisco to Southampton in pad.


Box 84


  1. HW Letters and Part MS: Typed with HW Corrections, An Inflationary Alternative to the Big Bank: PAD, Letters: HW, MS, Mach's Principle and the Creation of Matter: Some Thoughts on the Creation of Matter: HW Letters, Faxes: HW Abstract, Mass Splitting in the Baryon Octet.
  2. HW, OP's: HW and Typed MS, On the Origin of Gamma-Ray Bursts: HW, Workings: Typed, A Reply to Peedles et Al: Typed, Sunspots and Influenza: HW, Copy, Workings, HW Letter from Vicky: Letters: Nature Review by FH.
  3. Printed Matter, Various Authors: Letters: MS and OP's on Dirac?: HW Notes on Trieste Lecture: Reprints.
  4. Printed Matter, Various Authors: HW, Workings: HW, MS: PAD, HW, Cosmological Constraints, Partial Differential Equations: HW, OP's.
  5. Printed Matter, Various Authors: HW, OP's: HW Talk: HW, MS, E. the Radiation Cut Off at the Absorber: HW, MS: HW, Faxes and Workings.
  6. P's and Typed MS, Paper: Papers, Various Authors: HW, MS, On the Nature of Quasi-Stellar Objects.
  7. Printed, Abstract: Typed, MS, The Universe and Life: Deductions from the Weak Anthropic Principle, FH and NCW: HW, MS, Shortened Version of Milan Conference: OP's: Abstract, Interstellar Extinction from Nanometre Diamonds: Letters: Faxes and JVN.
  8. OHPs: Typed, MS, The Limitations of Astronomy and HW The Limitations of Astronomy: Printed Matter, Various Authors: Faxes.


Box 85


  1. Printed Matter, Various Authors including FH: Letters: Academy of Sciences: Irvine Meeting 1992: RAS X-Rays: PAD, HW Workings: PAD, HW, New Theory with Applications.
  2. HW, MS, Why I Don't Believe in the Big Bang: Printed Matter FH and Others: PAD, HW and Printed Workings, A New Approach to Cosmology: Printed MS.
  3. Printed Matter, Various Authors including FH: Typed MS, How Old is the Universe: The Accretion Affair, On Becoming a Controversial Figure or Not: HW, Copy, Origins in Science, The Universe and Their Relation to Culture and Religion: Typed MS from GB.
  4. Typed MS Parts of Cosmology Book.
  5. Papers: Reprints FH and NCW.
  6. HW, MS, Comet Halley.


Box 86


  1. HW, Part MS, Nuclear Energy: HW and Typed MS, Stars, Atoms and People.
  2. HW, Pencil, X-Rays from Outside the Solar System: HW, Pencil, Cosmological Tests of Gravitational Theories: HW, possibly Jayant: Typed FH and WAF corrected by FH: HW Paper?
  3. HW, Scientific Work 1945.
  4. HW, Pencil, 1942, On the Evolution of Binary Systems.
  5. HW, Notebook, 1946, Paper on Synthesis of Elements from Stars.
  6. HW, Paper, 1959, The Ages of Type I and Type III Subgiants (with corrections)
  7. HW Paper, 1962, On the Nature of Strong Radio Sources: HW, Paper, 1962, On the Early History of Galaxies and the Formation of Massive Objects: All FH and WAF. HW and Typed, Prediction of Existence of Quasars.
  8. HW, MS, Stonehenge, an Eclipse Predictor, 1967: Photos BH standing by heelstone.
  9. HW, Arkansas, Creationist Trial Published in Times: Typed 1981, The Evidence of NCW in the Arkansas Trial.
  10. HW 1st Draft or r - B2FH 1957: HW Early Notes of Caltech and Princeton Lectures, 1953.
  11. HW, Lecture, The Origin and Evolution of Life: HW, Lecture II Stonehenge: Typed Lecture, Recent Developments in Cosmology (2nd Annual CL Leintsen Memorial Lecture): HW Lecture, Enigma of Time.
  12. HW, Review of Einstein's Book, 1979.
  13. HW and Typed Copy MS, Frontiers In Cosmology, Rome 1984.
  14. Letter: Articles, Various Authors.
  15. Paper, Supernovae and Supernovae Remnants: HW, Pages, Life ain't all Beer and Skittles: HW 1st Draft, The Molecule Men.
  16. Envelope, HW Letter: HW, Chairman Final Remarks: The Ancient Story: Dynamics of the Story: HW, Preface for, Seven Steps to the Sun: HW, Letter: HW, Preface: HW and HW Copy, Abstract, On the Deviation of the Rate of Accretion by the Earth of Submicron Cometary Particles from Simple Observations of Twilight, FH and NCW: Letters, HW Replies: HW, Article, The Hubble Space Telescope: HW, Review on Science, Churchill and Me, H. Bondi: HW, Article, 21st Century: HW, Book Review, Eddington: HW, On the Physics of Neptunion Meteorology: HW, Title Lost: Letter and HW Workings, Don Clayton: Typed MS, The Universe: Past and Present Reflections: HW, On the Difficulties Facing the Theory that Life Arose by Natural Processes: HW, No Runaway Greenhouse Effect?


Box 87


  1. Letters from RA Lyttleton 1939 to 1944, Much Pencil: Letters from RAS to FH, VERY IMPORTANT: Typed Leave of Absence on War Service.
  2. Typed, Some Parts of Vatican Lecture Talks 1957: Typed IAU 1952.
  3. HW, Recent Developments in Cosmology, 1965.
  4. HW, On the Helium Content of Cosmic Material, FH and RJ Tayler, 1st MS 1964.
  5. Letters, Phil Soloman.
  6. Letters, Various Authors including FH: Photo of Ivy Lodge, Abington: FH lived their 1947 to 1956?
  7. Printed Lectures of FH: HW, BH: HW Pages.
  8. Letters to FH 1958 and 1966-68. Includes ALS from Grace Hubble, 1 Feb. 1958.
  9. MS copy for typesetter of A New Model for the Expanding Universe, 1948: Envelope, Letters from Spencer Jones and News clippings, Continuous Creation: Letter from The Physical Society 10 May 1948 Regretting not being able to publish paper A New Model for the Expanding Universe.
  10. HW Paper FRAGILE, The Steady State Cosmology 1956: 2 x Printed The Steady-State Universe; Unpublished MS Giant stars structure.
  11. Printed, Paper, Nobel Lectures in Physics 1983, S. Chandrasekha Haselgrove and FH: HW, Workings: HW, Paper, On the Origin of the Solar Nebula.
  12. HW, Abstract, The Near Infra-Red Background. HW, Letter: Printed Matter: HW, Practical Solution of Rubik Cube: Printed Material, Various Authors Oxford Maths.
  13. Page of fax re graphite whiskers, 1999: FH manuscript workings headed 'Steady-State': FH typescript 'On the origin of angular momentum': Printed AS maths papers and details of Oxford maths degree course: FH manuscript letters to Nicola Hoyle (granddaughter) with mathematical notes in pad: Three printed works issued by the Mathematical Institute Oxford 1994-5.
  14. FH photocopy of manuscript 'Mathematics of evolution', with photo of FH and George Carson enclosed: Correspondence between FH and Brig Klyce 1997 (5 items) re Darwinian theory.


Box 88


  1. Typescript The Darwinian priority, a case of documentary forgery by FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe; letter from Alan Brooke, Michael Joseph Ltd, re this book. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family
  2. MS Origin of cosmic rays; offprints.
  3. Printed Matter, Various Authors: HW Copy, FH part MS: HW and Printed Tables, Faxes, Letters, GB and JVN.
  4. HW Copy and Typed and Letters, MS Cosmology Book?
  5. HW, Copy, MS, Cosmology Book.
  6. Typed, MS, Cosmology Book.
  7. HW, MS, Cosmology Book, Letters, Important Reprint.
  8. Letters and Printed Matter, Various Authors, from Don Clayton: HW, FH, Pages.


Box 89


  1. 1964 Consistent Mass Table by WA Fowler and Same Author Books on Parameters.
  2. HW, Faxes and MS, Cosmology Book: Letters and HW Faxes and Short MS: HW Part MS, Cosmology Book and HW Letter: HW 22/23 June 1991 Commentary, Convergence or Otherwise in Quantum Electrodynamics: HW and Corrected Typed MS, Cosmology Book: HW, 1992 MS, Abstract, Letters and Printed Matter.
  3. HW Lists of Shares 1995: HW, Copy Material from JVN: Papers on Canditure of NCW for RS: Letters to FH from Peter Goddard and FH Replies: Letters and Faxes, trip to Cork.
  4. HW, MS, Part of Cosmology Book and Faxes: HW and Printed Letters and Writings: Copy of Lamarck and Modern Genetics by H. Graham Cannon FRS.


Box 90


  1. Various MSS found in books belonging to FH.
  2. 4 volumes of science books (general) FH had when he was a boy.
  3. 1 roll 35mm positive colour film of The Sunrise at Stonehenge over the heelstone June early 1960s.
  4. Monthly Notices of the RAS 1946, 1947, 1949, 1956, 1959, 1970.