Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. Items marked as Closed are closed access. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 71. Closed.


Diaries 1971-1973, 1975-1979 (2 x 1973 and 1975-1978) and UNICEF calendars 1971 and 1973.


Box 72. Closed.


Diaries 1980-1985, 1989 and 1990 (2 x 1985) and blotter used by FH from Institute.


Box 73


  1. Cover Vol, The History of the Cambridge Observatories ( Sometimes used to rest work on ).
  2. Printed Matter, Various Authors: HW Faxes: HW Workings: Letters: PAD, HW, Workings.
  3. Faxes, HW Workings: Printed Metter, Various Authors including FH: PAD, HW, Workings: Letters, Faxes, Workings.
  4. PAD, HW, Atomic Spectroscopy I: PAD, HW, MS, QSO's Lenses and Spheres: Article on A Different Approach to Cosmology.
  5. PAD, HW On Particle Relativistic Quantum Mechanics: PAD, HW, Group Theory: PAD, HW, Cosmology Book and The Quasar Controversy Resolved Again Part III.
  6. PAD, HW, Atomic Spectroscopy II: PAD, HW, Position Paper, Galaxy Explosions: PAD, HW, Workings: PAD, HW, QSO's: PAD, HW, Cosmology Article. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


Box 74


  1. PAD,HW, Calculations at End of Paper, Black Poplar etc (leaves): PAD, HW, On Masses of Mesons: PAD, HW, Cosmology in 1987, Whiskers: PAD, HW, Mathematical Cosmology: PAD, HW, Scale Invariance and the Origin of Matter: PAD, HW, Magic Numbers; The QSO Controversy Resolved Again, Notebook II.
  2. HW, Copy of Graph: PAD, HW, History, The QSO Controversy Resolved Again, Notebook, III. Additions by others particularly GRB and perhaps Hanbury Brown?: PAD, HW, Model for QSO's.
  3. Faxes: Printed Matter FH and Others: List of Telephone Numbers Written a few days before FH died: HW Jottings a few months before FH died: Other Faxes, Workings, Last six months of FH's life. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  4. Printed Matter, Various Authors including FH.


Box 75


  1. Sir Charles H. Stuart-Harris and Geoffrey C. Schild. Influenza; the viruses and the disease. 1976. Photocopy.
  2. Letters, The Conservation Society: Letters, Institute Period.
  3. Letters, Various Authors - FH received huge quantities of mail over the years. This is just a small quantity saved from recent times.


Box 76


  2. HW, Lectures: Copy, HW, Radiation Theory: HW, Pulsed Radio Sources.
  3. HW, MS, Survival of Cells Hitting Earth's Atmosphere, Cardiff Book.
  4. HW, Letters: Workings: MS: Lectures: MS, The Direct Action Theory of Electrodynamics: I The Quantum Mechanical Response of the Universe.
  5. Balzan Prize 1994.
  6. Personal Notepaper from Indian Trip.
  7. HW, Various Chapters, The Fabrication of the Asa Gray Letter. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family
  9. Typed MS, HW front page, SI Units, A System for Ensuring Scientific Degeneration and Industrial Disaster.


Box 77


  1. Typed MS with HW Additions: Typed Abstract, On the Causes of Plate Tectonics: Part of Typed MS, SI Units: Copy HW, MS, SI Units.
  2. 2 x Magazines: Science Illustree, FH: Press Cuttings and Letters: Letters and Notes, BH: Newspaper 1995 Die Zeit, FH.
  3. Letters: HW, FH Letters: Press Cuttings.
  4. Letters, Don Bradman: Letters: FH, HW, Letters: HW, FH on Willy Fowler's Death: Booklet on Fuhrer Durch Das Liebig - Museum, Giessen.


Box 78


  1. Letters: Reprints FH: HW, FH.
  2. HW, Letter to Tommy Gold, Never Sent: HW second draft, Metallic Particles in Astronomy, Iron in Supernovae.
  3. Beetham's Problem, HW: Letter: Paper, Can Cosmology Survive Without a Negative Energy Field, FH and JVN: Tables: Beetham's Problems, Letters: HW, MS, On the Nature of Gamma Ray Bursters and Printed Matter.
  4. Letters: HW, FH Letters: HW, Scenario for the Production of Anomalous Redshifts in Quasi-Steady State Cosmology: Astronomical Photos.
  5. HW Chapter 21, Hoyle, Burbidge, Narlikar, MS 1997: Paper, Evidence for Dust Related X-Ray Emissions from Comet C/1995 01(Hale-Bopp), Various Authors: PAD, HW, Addendum to Relativistic Treatment in S/2: Printed with HW corrections, The Great Greenhouse Controversy: HW, Chapter 21, Hoyle, Burbidge and Narlikar MS.
  6. Card: Fax HW, Copy, Is There Intelligent Life on Jupiter's Moon Europa, NCW and FH: Paper, Spectroscopic Evidence for Panspermia, NCW , FH and OH Wallis: HW Workings: PAD, HW, Small Comets: Paper, The Case for Life on Mars, GV Levin (HW FH note): Papers, Various Authors: HW, No Cloud, No Greenhouse: HW, Talk in Stockholm 1997, Crayfoort Days.
  7. Printed Abstract, Halton Arp, The Pair of X-Ray Sources Across NGC 4258 and its Relation to Previous Galaxy - Quasar Associations: Op Slides: Printed Matter: HW, FH, Notes and OP's: HW Dark Matter Dilemma and other HW OP's: HW OP's Shapes of Leaves: HW OP's QSO-Galaxy Separations: Letters: HW OP's.
  8. HW OHPs.
  9. HW Faxes: Paper, The Basic Theory Underlying the Quasi-Steady-State Cosmology, FH, GB and JVN: Postcard Brigg: Papers, Various Authors including FH: Letters, Papers from Tommy Gold: HW and Copy, Infrared Radiation from Comet Hale-Bopp, NCW and FH: Paper, Astrophysical Deductions from Quasi-Steady-State Cosmology, FH, GB and JVN: Letters, Papers.
  10. Various reprints, other authors.


Box 79


  1. Reprints, Various Authors.
  2. Reprints, Various Authors.
  3. Reprints, Various Authors: Samantha J Butler, daughter of EJB, daughter of FH: Letters from Marcus Chown: Biographical Notes.
  4. Letter: FH Replies HW: Letters, Various Authors: Letters, Various Authors.
  5. HW, Letters: Faxes: Chapters, MS, Cosmology Book: HW and HW Copy Chapters 10 -17 Cosmology Book: HW and Typed, The Origin of Life.
  6. Faxes and HW pages FH.
  7. Papers, Various Authors including FH.
  8. Typescript FH 'A dissentient opinion on quantities units and symbols' (2 copies): Printed booklet 'SI Units, signs, symbols, and abbreviations for use in school science': MS letter to Prof. Alan Hodgkin re SI Units.
  9. 2 x Paper, Erratic Boulders, Ice Ages and Other Matters, EJB and FH: Reprints, The Achievement of Dirac, FH: The Universe, Past and Present Reflections, FH.


Box 80


  1. Typed MS, The Darwinian Priority a Case of Documentary Forgery, FH and NCW: Letter about John Faulkner: Faxes, Reprints, Various Authors. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family
  2. Reprints: Published Material, Various Authors.
  3. Printed Material, Various Authors.