Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 51


  1. Printed Matter, Various Authors.
  2. Printed Matter on Amino Acids in Meteorites, Geochemistry and Biology.
  3. General Reviews: Fossilisation (Hare): Carrotenoids: Photosynthesise: Original Cellulose: Paper, O'Conner: GC Content of Chloroplasts: Bacterial Cytosomes: Plasmide Bacterial Evolution: Germination of Seeds.
  4. Evolution: General Essay, Gould and Schopf.
  5. File, Printed Matter, Insects, Various Authors.
  6. Printed Matter, Various Authors on Viroids: Yeasts: Microplasms: Rickettsiae, Persistent Viruses: C - Type Viruses: Viroids.
  7. Printed Matter, Various Authors: Blood in Plants.
  8. Printed Matter, Various Authors: Survival of Microorganisms: Magnetic Bacteria: Bees: Printed Matter, Various Authors: Hot and Cold Bacteria: Magnetic Bacteria: Pigeons: Bacteria on Ocean Floor: Greenland Ice: Historical.
  9. Printed Matter, Various Authors, Sensitivity of Virus toUV and X-Rays.


Box 52


  1. Printed Matter, Various Authors, On Cold.
  2. Printed Matter, Various Authors, Legionella.
  3. Printed Matter, Various Authors, Influenza, Phylogeny Argument, Influenza, Virology.
  4. Printed Matter, Various Authors, Influenza.
  5. Printed Matter, Various Authors, Polio, General Influenza.


Box 53


  1. Typed, Senescence and Genius: HW and HW Copy Introduction: HW, MS, Man's Place on Earth - Letter: HW, Chapter Heading BH: HW, MS, Chapter 2, Genesis: HW, MS, Corrections Chapter 3, Genesis: HW, MS Chapter 6 & 7, Genesis: HW, MS, Chapter 8 & 9, Genesis: Envelope, Genesis, Typed and HW Corrections.
  2. Original HW, MS, Diseases from Space.
  3. HW, Various Authors including FH and Typed: The Electrodynamics of Direst Interparticle Action II Relativistic Treatment of Radioactive Process.
  4. HW, Cosmology in 1984.
  5. Printed, The Bakerian Lecture 1968: HW, FH and JVN, Steady State Cosmology.
  6. HW PENCIL, On thee Origin of the Microwave Background: HW, Solutions of the Wave eg: HW, Letter: HW, Mechanical Spin: HW, Fundamental Matrices: HW, FADED, Dynamics of Particle Space: Letter, Referees Report: HW, JVN.
  7. HW, Field Theory , FH and JVN.


Box 54


  1. HW and HW Copy, FH and JVN and Letter.
  2. HW, FH and JVN and Letter.
  3. HW, Series of Papers, FH and JVN?
  4. Envelope containing HW, FH and JVN and Letters.
  5. HW, Chapter 1 Monsterism etc.
  6. PAD, HW, MS, Commonsense in Nuclear Energy.
  7. MS, Westminster Disaster. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  8. HW, MS, Westminster File.


Box 55


  1. HW and Typed Corrections, The Incandescent Ones.
  2. Diagrams p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }of relativistic concepts and stellar nucleosynthesis processes.
  3. Photos: Moon photos and HW Notes.
  4. Negatives of photographs of diagrams and of photographs of nebulae.
  5. Astronomical photos.
  6. Cosmological diagrams.
  7. Copernicus Photos.
  8. Post Cards Mount Stromlo Observatory Australia.
  9. Photos, Various Portraits of scientists.
  10. Astronomical photos and Printed Matter.
  11. Astronomical photos.
  12. Diagrams of relativistic concepts and HW Notes.


Box 56


  1. Photographs, diagrams and negatives for an article about Copernicus.
  2. Maps of meteor impacts, astronomical photos and diagrams.
  3. Astronomical photos and diagrams.
  4. Astronomical photos and diagrams.
  5. Articles and notes about evidence for fossils in meteorites.


Box 57


Yellow Kodak Paper Box - Astronomical Photos.


Box 58


Slides 35mm in boxes, Richard Lowndes, EJH First Husband: FH with Bill Miller (Head Photographer at Mount Wilson and Palomar) 8mm Film: White Boxes of 35mm Slides of USA 1956 and Pembroke S. Wales 1956.


Box 59


Certificates, Tube, Scroll - Birthday declaration 1975: Tube, American Academy of Arts and Science: Tube, Royal Irish Academy of Science: Tube, The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications: Tube, The American Philosophical Society; National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; Certificate, Academie Diplomatique Dela Paix: Envelope, World Cultural Council Certificate: Red Tube, University of Cambridge 1940 MA Certificate: University of Cambridge 1936 BA Certificate: Royal Society, London 1957: In Ribbon, Honorary Citizen of Huntsville, USA: Tube Honours degree University of East Anglia.


Box 60


  1. Videos: BBC Imagined World; Current Affairs (Alternative Energy) 16 July 1982; Hoyle Sculpture Dedication; Giotto March 13 1986; Beyond Space and Time by John Dobson etc.; Telerate the financial information network 1985 video report.
  2. Audio tapes: BBC: BBC, Women's Hour: Deus Nobiscum Emmanuel College Chapel: Conversation Piece, University of Wales: Sky at Night, Voyager One Reaches Saturn, (University of Wales ): The Controversy of Creationism: 3 x Unknown.