Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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N.B. To request access to material marked Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 41


  1. Printed Matter on Stonehenge. MS A Comment on Stonehenge as an Eclipse Predictor: Photographs.
  2. Printed Matter on Stonehenge, Various Authors: Letters: Note from EJH and Workings FH.
  3. Papers/Letters on Bovine Tuberculosis in Badgers: Envelope, Letters FH on Badgers: Letter, Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food: MS Copy, Badgers.
  4. Printed Matter, Various Authors: MS On the Causes of Ice Ages: Letters.
  5. MS Evolution from Space by FH and Chandra Wickranasinghe.
  6. Valentine Card to BH from Samantha Butler.
  7. Offprint of Comets, ice ages, and ecological catastrophies by FH and Chandra Wickramasinghe (Astrophysics and Space Science 53, 1978, 523-526); Letter from Jayant Narliker to FH 30/5/80; Photocopies from Nature and letters re comets 1980.
  8. ALS from Alan (MIT) to Hoyle 12/10/89; FH review of H. Arp 'Quasars, Redshifts, and Controversies' (unknown source); FH, 'Articles of faith', Nature 339 (4 May 1989), 23-24.
  9. FH, 'The mystery of the missing shorter period comets', typescript draft of Astrophysics and Relativity Preprint Series 123 (May 1986).


Box 42




Box 43




Box 44


All items closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family

  1. Chapters 2-9 of autobiography, typescript with MS corrections.
  2. Chapters 5-11 of autobiography, typescript with MS corrections.
  3. Chapters 1-11 of autobiography, typescript with MS corrections.
  4. Chapters 8-10 of autobiography, typescript with MS corrections.  
  5. Drafts of later parts of autobiography.


Box 45


  1. MS Willy Fowler Memorial Volume: Typed and MS.

  3. Typed Willy Fowler 70th Birthday: MS and typescript, The Anglo-Australian Telescope.
  4. MS Notes: Envelope Containing Letters RA Lyttleton: MS, Naval Radar: Letters: Copy of NATURE '72 Departure of FH: Press Cuttings: Letters: Report of Northern Hemisphere Review Committee Final Version.
  5. SRC, The Royal Greenwich Observatory Herstmonceaux Booklet: Booklet, How Galaxies Rotate.
  6. Letter from FH to his FATHER 1930: Exam Questions 13 Feb '1926: Letters to Mrs Clark (BH's Mother) from CD Rackham: Press Cuttings: Letter to FH's Parents: Higher School Certificates.
  8. History and Records of Notable Fell Walks 1864 to 1972 in the Lake District: Letter Bernard Miles.


Box 46


  1. MS Comet Halley.
  2. MS Comet Halley scripts for TV. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.
  3. MS Mathematics of Evolution '86.
  4. MS Lectures, Hydrabad '87, Stonehenge as an Astronomical Observatory: MS Talk at Meeting with Indian Prime Minister J Ghandi Hydrabad '87: Lecture, Goa '87, The Relation of the Microwave Background to the Remarkable Properties of Slender Metallic Needles.
  5. MS Volcanoes: Printed Epicurus Quotations: MS Reply to Sagan's Letter, '87: MS Book Review of The Voice of the Universe by B Lovell: MS Lecture, MS Copy, India '87: Printed Matter and MS Evolution in Biology and Astronomy: MS Talk, Wrekin Trust I: MS On Paradox in Religion and Science '87: MS Radiation According to the Johnson Noise Formula: MS Pages from Comet Halley: MS 50 Years of Cosmology: MS The Vega and Giotto Encounters with Comet Halley, for Oggi Natura '86: MS The Theory of Relativity.


Box 47


  1. MS PHLS Conference Winchester 17 Sept '86 plus Copy: Copies of Letters to New Scientist: Copy of Letter to Abdus and Workings: MS A Booklet Entitled Science and Creationism, Possible Lecture Bath '85: MS Preamble to Selections: MS Article, The Largest Masses in the Universe for Corriere Della Sera '86: MS The Next Revolution of Halley's Comet for CU Astronomical Society Journal Feb '86: MS Article, Sunday Times, '86, Innovation: MS Readers Digest Article: MS The Invention of Big Bang: MS Lecture, Naples and Monaco.
  2. MS re evolution.
  3. MS Personal Comments on the History of Nuclear Astrophysics: Paintings by Christina Hoyle.
  4. Photocopy of MS The mathematics of evolution; Letter to Nature, July 1986.
  5. MS Abstract, Comets?: Printed, Comets after Halley, FH and NCW.
  6. MS Chip Arp, Continuous Creation, Novae, Protoplanet.
  7. Typescript Talk, MS/typescript, Relation of Terrestrial Life to the Cosmic Environment: MS Archaeopteryx.
  8. MS Kent: Letter: MS Evolution by Gene Additions from Outside the Earth: MS Dordogne Oct '84, Windsor: MS Cardiff 9 July '84: MS Dordogne 10 Oct '84, Windsor.


Box 48


  1. MS The Nature of Interstellar Grains.
  2. MS Technology Over the Ages, Oxford '85: Slides: Wintersnow Cover: Ice Cover: Printed Matter.
  3. MS lecture Why Some People are White and Some are Black, with OHP transparencies.
  4. Letters, NCW: Comments on Paper line 158: Nature correspondence: Letters on 1980 Paper line 158: SERC Data; Letters; Papers; Comments: Request to Garry H Weston for Funding.
  5. Various Papers, various authors: Letters from HD Pflug: More correspondence and material, HD Pflug: ISUA Rocks and various authors.
  6. Pflug and Biggs various printed matter: HD Pflug, various printed matter.
  7. FH and NCW; various papers, letters, articles on Life in the Cosmos: Paper, on The Effects of a Sudden Change in the Albedo of the Earth, FH and EJH: Paper, Personal Comments on the History of Nuclear Astrophysics, FH: Invitation Evening Lecture by FH on The Occasion of the Meeting of the RAS in Cardiff 15/16/04/80.
  8. HW, MS, Facts Concerning the Existence of Extraterrestrial Life: HW, MS, Copy, Untitled.
  9. Papers, JVN and T. Padmanabhan and Letters and letters to RS on subject: Magazine, Journal of Astrophysics and Astronomy, June 1986, Indian Academy of Sciences: Paper, Cosmological Models and Their Observational Validation by W. Davidson and JVN 1966.


Box 49


  1. File on Jayant Narlikar, Application to the RS: HW, MS Possibly JVN.
  2. Papers, Tommy Gold.
  3. Papers, Tommy Gold.
  4. F.B. Salisbury, Probability of Enzymes etc Phylogeny.
  5. Paper, Chandra Wichramasinghe.
  6. Letters: HW Jottings: Cuttings.
  7. Letters.


Box 50


  1. HW, Evolution by Gene Addition from Outside the Earth: HW, Abstract on The Availability of Phosphorus in the Bacterial Model of the Interstella Grains, FH and NCW: HW, Copy, Frontiers in Cosmology, Talk, Rome 1984: Typed Address, Fremantle Lecture, Balliol, Oxford: HW, Copy, Evolution from Space: HW, Copy, Sunday Times, Letter: HW, Copy, Forum Contributions, 1984: HW, Pages: HW, Abstract, Interstellar Grains, FH and NCW: HW, The Influenza Problem: HW, What is the Usual Theory of the Origin of Life and Why doYou Think it is Wrong?: HW, Page 13: HW, The Abundance of the Elements and Some Reflections on the Cosmology of the Solar System: HW, Introduction: HW, Technical Note: HW, Prepared Lecture on Ice Ages: HW, Notes BH: HW, Pages.
  2. HW, MS, A Gravitational Model for QSO's 1983: HW, Letter: Papers, various authors.
  3. HW, Diffential Equation with Selection: HW, Importance of Cross-Over: HW, Lecture, 1985: HW, Effective Population Size: HW, Bacterial Genetics.
  4. HW, Approximation toFirst Order in Selective Factor S: HW, MS: HW, < - haemoglobin: HW, Copy, Pages: HW, Stochastics of Cometary Orbits: HW, Evolution of Cometary Orbits: Various Pages, Various Authors: HW, Copy with corrections, Comets.
  5. HW, Copy, Evolution in Biology and Astronomy.
  6. HW, On the Possibly Fundamental Principle in Chemistry.
  7. HW, Synchrotron Emission by 3C 273B FH and GRB: HW, Influenza is Icumen in: HW, Comet Lecture: HW, On the Nature of the Particles Causing the 2200A Peak in the Extinction of Starlight, FH and NCW.
  8. Magazines BJP 8, March 1985, 29, March 1985, 12, June 1987, Archaeopteryx.
  9. Extinctions at CT Boundary.
  10. Papers, Various Authors: Typed, A Diatom Model of Dust in the Trapezium Nebula by Q Majeed, NCW, FH and S. Al-Mufti: Typed, Interstellar Extinction by Cometary Grain Clumps, FH and NCW: Typed, Can Diatoms Live in Cometary Ice?, R Hoover, FH, MK Wallis and NCW: HW, Some Remarks on Cosmology and Biology: 2 x Typed, The Origin of Life: The Extraterrestrial Hypothesis, FH and NCW: Typed, Biologic versus Abiotic Models of Cometary Grains, NCW, FH, R Rabilizirou and MK Wallis: Letter: Paper, Various Authors.
  11. Papers, Various Authors: Letter with FH Notes: Notes: File, Notes on Leukaemia, Whooping Cough and Polio.
  12. Papers and Press Cuttings, Various Authors.