Papers of Sir Fred Hoyle (1915-2001), astronomer

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Access to the following material is currently closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family. For further details please contact the Special Collections Librarian (tel. 01223-339393).

Box 101




Box 102


  1. HW MS, Unpublished, FH and GH, The Oz Khantayskoya Prelude.
  2. HW Chapters, 18, (14), 19, 20 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, The Oz Khantayskoya Prelude.
  3. Three pads of HW MS Munros: Climbing the Monros; Monroes II; Monros June-July 1966.
  4. Climbing the Last Monro.
  5. MS Monros That Were Not Climbed in '70 The Sabbatical Year That Never Was.
  6. Tables (Scottish Mountains over 3000 feet climbed in the '60's and '70's).


Box 103




Box 104


  2. Astronomical Origin of Life - Step Towards Panspermia MS by FH and NC Wickramasinghe.
  3. Crafoord Prize. File containing letters, FH HW Talks and Letter. Photos from the Crafoord Prize Ceremony Stockholm 1997.
  4. Audio Tape. BBC Letter, Flashpoints 2/4.


Box 105


  1. Three HW Pads MS with Typed Text, The Darwinian Priority A Case of Documentary Forgery by FH and NC Wickramasinghe. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family
  5. HW MS, Unpublished, Murder in the Twenty-Second Century.
  6. HW Chapters MS, Unpublished, 1. Julia Lacey, 2. Philip Breedon, 3. Walter Charman, 6. Irene Potter, 7. Shamrock O'Reilly, 11. Dorothy Martin, 9. Winston Bartle, 8. Dominic Sligo.


Box 106


  3. Magazine, Biochemist. Article by FH and NC Wickramasinghe. Pad BH HW Notes, FH HW, Gamma-Ray Bursters.
  4. MS Evolution Book.


Box 107. Closed except with the express permission of the Hoyle family.


  1. HW and Typed Letters.
  2. Letters and Poems from JA Gallagher.
  3. Notes and Fragments. Fifth Planet. Press Cuttings. Educational Films.
  4. Gram's Year as President of Sorops. Gram (Christine Clark) lived with the Hoyle family from the mid 1940's until her death in 1973.
  5. Programs from the Mermaid Theatre and one from Manchester United.


Box 108


  1. Pad BH on Paris. BH Writings. Programmes of The Little Players of New York. Programmes Royal Society and Mansion House.
  2. Notes on Computer Series.
  3. Documents.
  4. BH's Jottings 1940's, 1960's. Post Cards.


Box 109


  1. Correspondence, Monaco. Camping in France. Cambridge 1986, 87.
  2. Correspondence, Italy.
  3. Typed MS, Comet Halley by FH with HW Corrections.
  4. Typed MS discourse on the Earth and Copy HW BH, Astronomy Primers MS HW and Typed BH MS of AAT opening in Australia 'She will be right mate'.
  5. Letter. Notes on Educational Films. Typed MS, Unpublished on young children's books.
  6. Typed MS and HW “An Introduction to Elementary Astronomy” 12 part series with script ideas FH, BH and EJB. HW BH pre primers Sun, Moon, Earth.
  7. Children's Written Reactions to the Children's Books. Typed MS of Children's Books Discourse on the Sun. Letters.


Box 110


  1. Typed and HW (BH) MS on Children's Books Discourse on the Moon. Typed MS of The Sun.
  2. HW (BH) MS Children's Books The Sun x 2.
  3. MS Typed with HW Corrections, Unpublished, The Golden Nugget (A.S.T.R.O. - Red Alert ) FH and GH.
  4. Astronomy for very young children MS Unpublished. HW BH The Moon primer. HW FH. Typed Discourse on The Moon. HW BH children’s early reading primers; The Sun; The Moon; The Earth.
  5. Correspondence.
  7. Typed MS Joe Spence.
  8. Children's Stories PAD MS Threat to London: Professor Zero: The Sleeping Planet of Azuron: Errand of Mercy: The Planet of Terror.
  9. Typescript, FH Joe Spence 1st Draft.