St John's College S.66 (James 451)

John Kaye and James Wood, Sermons and other papers. Latin and English, 1785-1819

Artificial collection, consisting of:

  1. J[ohn] Kaye, Regius Professor of Divinity, Fellow and Master of Christ's College (1783-1853): 'Oratiuncula in Senaculo habita Comitiis Magnis 1819'. 18 fos (17 and 18 blank).
  2. J[ames] Wood, Fellow and Master of St John's College, Cambridge (1760-1839): sermons, written and delivered at various times between 1785 and 1802, where a date is given. The texts include Jeremiah xvii.9, I Corinthians i.11 and 12, xiii.8, Wisdom ii.15, Psalm xxxvii.39, Galatians v.26. 72 fos (24-9, 40-4 blank).
  3. [James Wood]: 'A Catalogue of Manuscript Sermons, Feb. 9, 1802', listing 1111 sermons, with a table of contents arranged by Scriptural Book and a chart of dates on which they were preached, 1800-15. There is also a short list of 'occasional sermons' at fo. 4. The sermon in 2, fos 63-72 is number 223 on this list. It is so numbered at fo. 63r.
Manuscript extra information

210x170 mm. College bookplate (nineteenth century) inside front cover. Presumably the individual MSS were received from Wood or his estate. S.66 is not in Cowie and so presumably came to the Library, or was first catalogued, after 1843.

2 and 3 are autograph, 1 is written on the rectos only, and appears to be a clean copy; 2 carries occasional corrections, while 3 is substantially corrected and amended. Paper, considerably damaged and deficient at end of 3. Original paper covers, rebound cloth on boards in the nineteenth century.