St John's College S.60 (James 445)

Jean Daillé, 'Concerning the right use of the Fathers'. English, later seventeenth century

[Jean Daillé (1594-1670)]: incomplete anonymous translation into English of his Traicte de l'employ des saincts peres (Geneva, 1632), Book 1, Chapters 1-5. No date, but perhaps post 1650 from the hand. The translation is not that prepared by Thomas Smith of Christ's College, Cambridge and printed for John Martin under the title A treatise concerning the right use of the Fathers in the decision of the controversies that are at this day in religion (London, 1651, 2nd edn 1675, Wing D118, 119).

Manuscript extra information

305x200 mm. Paginated 5-58. This vol. was in the Library at St John's by the 1840s, but there is no obvious clue as to provenance. Thomas Baker's copy of Smith's 1651 translation, SJC Rr.10.37, was presented to the College in the early eighteenth century. Pen flourishes and 'A(?) Book' on the cover.

Single hand throughout (mid seventeenth century), with several corrections and many marginal notes. There are a few more recent pencil notes. Paper, foxed and worn. Full red margins; running headers throughout. Contemporary paper covers.