N.9 Pentateuch.

Vellum (43 pieces). Scroll 1040 x 9.5cm. On 2 ivory rollers.

Unpointed Hebrew. 259 columns of 42 lines.

A MS note, in an 18th century hand, with the scroll reads 'A MS copy of the Hebrew Pentateuch said to be written by a Polish Jew. The several columns begin with a vau, a letter in the shape of a hook: unci columnarum Exod. 27.10.'

The scroll is kept in a wooden box, covered with blind and gold tooled brown/red leather, and with a brass lock and handle. The key to the lock is tied to the handle.

'Late 18th cent. acc. to Prof. Churchill Babington.' (Pencil note in the Library's annotated copy of Morgan Cowie's A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts and scarce books in the Library of St John's College, Cambridge. Cambridge, 1842, p.115).