N.36 Ketubah. Venice, 1679.

Vellum. Roll 650 x 520mm.

Single column of 21 lines of square Hebrew with a single line of square Hebrew around the edge. Decorated border of floral design in green and black.

An accompanying description by Israel Abrahams (1858-1925) reads 'Friday, Kislev 6, 5440 [1679] Venice. Marriage certificate (Kethubah) of Elchanan son of Eleazear of Pesaro and Fidla daughter of the late Samuel Farinco. (Her uncle Abraham Farinco gives her a dowry of 525 Venetian ducats). Total settlement 600 ducats (of which 300 ducats represent furniture and clothing).'

Presented by Miss L. Bickerstaffe, 1920.