N.33 Ketubah. Venice, 1746.

Vellum. Roll 625 x 450mm.

Single column of 22 lines of square and 4 of cursive Hebrew. 2 lines of square Hebrew run around the edge. Decorated with architectural and floral designs, birds and crowns, in orange, gold, brown, green and purple.

An accompanying description by Israel Abrahams (1858-1925) reads 'Friday, Adar 12, 5506 [1746]. Venice. Marriage certificate (Kethubah) of David Hayyim son of Judah Moses Corinaldi and Simhah (Joy) daughter of Isaac Pacifico. (On David Hayyim Corinaldi see Jewish Encyclopedia iv 273. The bride's name recalls the Pacifico Case see Jewish Encylopedia ix 454). Total settlement (over & above the convential 200 zuz) 700 Venetian ducats with personal ornaments & garments. Both contract to abide by the rules of the Ashkenazic Congregation in Venice.'

Presented by Miss L. Bickerstaffe, 1920.